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Artscape Nordland – a 40,000 square kilometre art gallery, Norway

White Line Hotels Artscape Nordland

While endless innovative projects continue to pour out of Denmark and Sweden, oftentimes their smaller but no less creative Scandinavian sister, Norway, is overlooked. Introducing Artscape Nordland, a permanent exhibition of 33 spectacular sculptures adorning 32 Norwegian municipalities.

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A coastal guesthouse of nautical styling, Der Charlottenhof – Ahrenshoop, as created by interior designer and ex-banker, Heike Gebhard.

We have all done it, been away and wanted to stay with thoughts of throwing in the towel and following our dreams  – well this clever, creative woman did just that.

“At heart I was always drawn to the creative world and interiors have always been my passion and a chance trip to the coast was the startings of a whole new life and direction that was closer to my heart than the world of banking.”

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CONSOLACIÓN HOTEL – Meet the aficionados of rural style.

Meet the creative aficionados behind our Aragonese den of engineered simplicity – the Hotel Consolación, a country retreat wrapped in the natural beauty of Monroyo, in Teruel, Spain where the ancient snugs up to the modernista.

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CERVO Mountain Boutique Resort, Zermatt, is Swiss Hotel of the year 2014

The Swiss Sunday newspaper Sonntagszeitung – has rated the CERVO as Swiss Hotel of the year. This award marks the start of the CERVO’s 5th year jubilee.

It comes as no surprise that Zermatt’s trendsetting lodge, CERVO Mountain Boutique Resort has been crowned as the SWISS HOTEL OF THE YEAR 2014 by the notable Sonntagszeitung. Now in year 5, CERVO is already a firm favourite with the ski fraternity as the place that has vibe and designer style.

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Laced with history, a nature hugging creative den where the minimalist meets the jam maker: Pico do Refúgio

The tiny hilltop Pico do Refúgio on the lush volcanic island of Sâo Miguel in the Azores plays host to a creative palette of art, design and heaps of nature.

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