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Jon Nordstrøm Celebrates Danish Tattoos

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With an impressive number of tattoo parlors within easy walking distance of the Avenue Hotel in Copenhagen, we just had to share this video we recently came across on the tradition of Danish Tattooing. If you’ve seen a copy of the cult book Russian Criminal Tattoo lying around a friend’s coffee table, consider any future gift giving dilemmas solved; Jon Nordstrøm’s photography books Danish Tattooing and Nordic Tattooing are sure to reach a similar cult status among tattoo lovers, as well as photography book lovers.

You can read more about it on Cool Hunting.

Whether you’re planning on coming home with a new tattoo, or having just thought about it, we think there’s no better place to call your home away from home in Copenhagen than White Line Hotels edit Avenue Hotel.

photo courtesy of Cool Hunting

The Vorticists: Manifesto for a Modern World

Wyndham Lewis, "Composition," 1913

Wyndham Lewis, “Composition,” 1913

Before he was ever outraged by the atrocities of World War I and moved to Italy, or developed the political leanings that still color his reputation, Ezra Pound was an American ex-pat poet working in London who helped shape the careers of contemporaries such as Eliot, Joyce, Frost, and Hemingway. So, you can understand how and why, at the end of 1913, Pound appropriated the word “vortex” to describe the “maximum energy” he and his colleagues wanted to pump into London’s literary and artistic avant-garde. The next year Wyndham Lewis appropriated the word once again and declared the painters, sculptors and writers working in the new style “The Vorticists”.

Lasting just 4 years, Vorticism might just be the shortest art movement ever, but was nonetheless a pivotal modernist movement that took elements of Cubism and Futurism but produced something very much their own. The exhibition gathers approximately 100 of these works, and for the first time ever, attempts to hang them in a recreation of the only 2 Vorticist exhibitions that ever took place during the lifetime of the movement. Included are iconic works of the movement such as David Bomberg’s The Mud Bath (pictured below). The number of Vorticist works gathered together, the recreation of the original exhibitions, and demonstration of Vorticism’s movement into America, facilitated by Pound, make the exhibition an unprecedented insight into a too often overlooked chapter of the history of the avant-garde.

As a co-production with Duke University’s Nasher Museum and The Guggenheim, the exhibition’s stop in London is its final one. Don’t miss out! It’s on from June 14th until September 4th at Tate Britain, Millbank, London SW1P 4RG.


David Bomberg, The Mud Bath, 1914. Oil on canvas, 152.4 x 224.2 cm. Tate, London, Purchased 1964

David Bomberg, The Mud Bath, 1914. Oil on canvas, 152.4 x 224.2 cm. Tate, London, Purchased 1964

Running Around Salzburg


Get your trainers on for the start of marathon season. One of the first marathons is in Salzburg and there’s an entire weekend planned around celebrating the event. Far more than your typical marathon, the race supports the African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) – Flying Doctor’s Service, which benefits over 30 million people every year. Running is something to feel good about – the race is good for your heart and helps a county desperately in need of medical training, equipment and doctors. This is a huge project, with the goal of building up health care and educating native employees all over the country. The proceeds of the Salzburg AMREF marathon are donated to a health project in Southern Sudan.


If you’re not quite up for the full marathon yet, or still in training for the renowned New York Marathon on November 6th, there are plenty of other options – from the relay race to the half marathon to the “Just for Us” 5 km fun run and walk. The runs will take you around Salzburg’s fairytale like castles, through the oak forest and past the striking Baroque architecture of Mozart’s hometown.

If you’re still undecided, you can do late registration until the day before the marathon. If running’s not your thing, it’s still worth going to see the spectacle of it all, while enjoying the many highlights offered by the city, from locally brewed beer, to scrumptious cuisine,and enchanting sights. Catch the runners crossing the finish line in front of your hotel door by booking rooms at Arthotel Blaue Gans, White Line Hotels pick in Salzburg. The hotel is a arts, culture and historical highlight. We’re recommending booking one of the Gewölbe Restaurant’s outdoor tables under the olive and fig trees and enjoying the fresh spring breeze.

More info and a full list of events, including the culinary ones!

Marathon Image:

Salzburg AMREF Marathon 2010 – 16.5.2010 (c) SAM – Bryan Reinhart

Be Bold in London

First Thursdays in London can be a dizzying affair. Backing up a pace, on the first Thursday of every month the city’s galleries stay open until (at least) 9, new exhibitions are presented alongside meet-and-greet and gossip galore. The problem is deciding where to go. If you attempt to hit all the major destinations, you’ll spend more time just trying to get somewhere than seeing and being seen. It’s best to concentrate on one area, but where? Shoreditch is impressive, young and established come together while critics and artists alike flaunt fashion like peacocks. Soho is a bit more traditional but sometimes lacks that thrilling London buzz. My choice would be Bethnal Green’s Vyner Street.

If you’re shy about knocking on warehouse doors, this is not the street for you. Hidden behind the entrances on this unassuming warehouse-lined street are some surprising spaces. The area has been undergoing a flux for years and still is. In between galleries you’ll find a taxi repair garages, storage spaces, and anonymous gated buildings.



Galleries like Nettie Horn, tucked in beside The Victory pub, show a full range of young artists. Through May 1 the gallery is showing 4 artists: voluptuously elegant sculptures from Dexter Dymoke alongside Lizi Sanchez’s geometric photomontages. In a second room you’ll see whimsical videos from David Bestué and Marc Vives. °Art (Degree Art) explores Hynek Martinec’s “empirical journey into our past” through dreamy apocalyptical paintings. °Art is distinct and worth popping by in view of the extensive number of recent graduates they represent. The contrast of the concrete of Jennifer Cohen’s work with the gold used by Marta Pierobon and Emma Talbot’s darkly comical paintings makes the exhibition at Kate Macgarry gallery worth a visit as well.

There are scores of other galleries on Vyner Street. Any time you see a door with a gallery name, take a chance and knock. What’s the worst that could happen?


For a full listing of First Thursday events:

At the moment there is no guide to  Vymer Street – be bold and check it out for yourself!

Images courtesy of the galleries:

Nettie Horn – Dexter Dymoke
Good Fall, 2010, Aluminium, Fluorescent tube, Cloth, 118 x 122 x 8 cm

Kate Macgarry Gallery- Jennifer Cohen

Untitled, 2011 plaster on paper 26 x 31 cm, 24 x 33 cm

°ART – Hynek Martinec

Vymer Street is just minutes from Bethnal Green tube station in the East end. Our place in the cosy Westend, South Kensington makes for a complete contrast – White Line Hotels London edit The Ampersand Hotel.

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Contributing writer: Alicia Reuter

Grow Little: Miniature Magical Worlds for Adults


Like many children of the 80′s, I begged my parents for a Sea Monkey kit. I envisioned myself teaching the little brine shrimp to jump through hoops on command, as was promised on the packaging. Of course, none of my dreams of being a Sea Monkey ringmaster came to fruition, and they quickly just became an amusing decoration on my little desk.

Somehow I see the Grow Little Terrariums as being a more fruitful, not to mention stunning, room adornment for adults. The Paris based creator of Grow Little, Kali Vermes, crafts beautiful original works of living art.  Each terrarium contains a unique landscape of tiny unfurling plants designed to “bring nature’s poetry into the home.” They’re the perfect alternative for city dwellers with the desire to cultivate and care for a little piece of land. They’re also ideal for daydreamers like me, who could spend hours creating miniature stories for the lush forest within.

Each glass globe is hand blown, then Vermes, fills it with the miniature plants of your choice. You can find out more and order your own terrarium on the Grow Little website:



If you’re like me and enjoy escaping to unique worlds filled with creative wonders, a stay at Paris’s Hotel des Academies et des Arts will enchant and delight you. It’s located on a street lined with artists studios, in the beloved Latin Quartier, with rooms designed in lush textures. Give your imagination a few days to run free by booking a room.


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