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Freitag takes Vienna


White Line Hotels collaborator FREITAG LAB. opens their first flagship store in Vienna, we can barely contain our excitement watching two of our favourites come together.

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Vienna. Breaded Escalope and Fast Flowers

Vienna’s design studio breadedEscalope (bE), run by Sascha Mikel, Martin Schnabl and Michael Tatschl has a history of challenging the system, or rather, improving upon faulty yet well established systems in our day to day lives. Their design philosophy integrates strategies of social sustainability with the idea that objects and environments should facilitate interaction and add convenience to the lives of users.

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Femme Maison – raw elegance in the heart of Vienna

Femme Maison is a Vienna based brand founded in 2009 by Franziska Fürpass (1983, Austria) and George Bezhanishvili (1984, Georgia). George eventually dropped out, but Franziska pushed through by expanding and reinventing her label whilst studying at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.


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Sterngasse 4 – What Karin Neuhold Would Wear

Karin Neuhold, founder of the Vienna based concept store Sterngasse 4, takes us through what it takes to follow one’s dreams and make them a reality. Sterngasse 4 combines high-end fashion labels with a careful selection of accessories, jewels, and even books.

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Dominik Lang’s Private Collection

The name Private Collection alone conjures up all sorts of ideas of privileged and intimate access to things that, on any normal day, we might not even know exist. It’s not just the private part, but also the idea of collection; whatever group of things we encounter was brought together by someone, and being privy to that selection will undoubtedly shine a light of reflection onto the collector. In the case of this exhibition at Vienna’s Krobath Gallery by Czech artist Dominik Lang, son of artist Jiří Lang, the insight and access we’re given does reflect the creator; these reflections, however, also create the work.

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