Notes on Denver International Airport and the New World Order

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I fly, on average, once a year from Berlin to Phoenix. Maybe someday air links will be better in and out of the German capital, even if it means losing my very beloved Tegel Airport, but for now the only direct connections to the USA are New York and, I think, Miami. Now, there’re lots of reasons to go to either of those cities, but for a West Coast girl like myself trying to get home from time to time, what this amounts to is a puzzle of connecting flights. Via London or Newark? Save $50 and add a stop in either Chicago or Dallas? It can be a patchwork effort. I can tell you, though, every year I consider spending $100 or so more, not to mention the extra time, just to have a couple hour layover at Denver International Airport.

You could call me crazy – and you very well might be right – but no crazier than the legends and their physical traces surrounding that airport, which I think I’d still have to see with my own eyes to believe. From the blue mustang sculpture best described as simply terrifying, to the Masonic symbol on its capstone, to text mysteriously engraved around the building, to the now legendary murals I won’t try to describe (one’s below, find the others online), there’s plenty to keep one busy, and puzzled, for at least an afternoon. As for the conspiracy theories of the center of the New World Order occupying a massive 8-story structure underneath the airport, an excessively large on-site power station, and frequent and mysteriously cracked windscreens, rather than any summery I could give, I suggest typing “What’s going on at Denver Airport” into Google.

It’s a lot of material to deal with, but in her New York debut artist Deb Sokolow doesn’t just have her own mind wrapped around it all, she draws us in with her. Upon entering the gallery space, you are transformed into “You”, a third party detective figure going through your own findings that jump from the illogical to moments that cast doubt not just on Denver Airport, but maybe just a little bit on everything around you. If you ever loved a good spy story, if not a good conspiracy theory, don’t miss this exhibition.

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Because of the opening hours, you probably can’t get there under the cover of darkness, but you can check out the show at Abrons Arts Center until September 3rd. And have no doubt, there’s no conspiracy at White Line Hotels edit The Greenwich Hotel, just an honestly amazing place.


Photos from Abrons Arts Center/Henry Street Settlement, Extraordinary Intelligence, and The Ministry of Exposing Lucifer and his Hidden Agenda. It takes all sorts, doesn’t it?

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