Moere, Gistel, Belgium | White Line Hotels Spoor.62 B&B, flemish landscapes, paint, water, nature

The Design Station

Room .62

Design interiors of the bedrooms | Spoor.62 B&B | Moere, Gistel, Belgium | White Line Hotels

In the former train timetables, line 62 was the connection between Ostend and Torhout.

Room highlight: the free-standing bathtub!

Two wall-length windows offer an unobstructed view of the panoramic landscape. The room offers direct access to the garden, where the hammocks invitingly swing in the wind, inviting you to enjoy nature in all peacefulness.

Room .63

Design interiors of the bedrooms | Spoor.62 B&B | Moere, Gistel, Belgium | White Line Hotels
Bathroom | Design interiors of the bedrooms | Spoor.62 B&B | Moere, Gistel, Belgium | White Line Hotels

The route Torhout-Armentières was the second half of the connection from Ostend-Armentières and was known at that time as line 63.

Room highlight: waking up to a garden view!

Two wall-length windows bring the encircling greenery from Spoor.62 to the forefront. Room .63 also has direct access to the garden.

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