Suffusions of Simplicity

Suffusions of Simplicity

Suffusions of Simplicity

Suffusions of Simplicity

Suffusions of Simplicity

Suffusions of Simplicity

If you love when clever architecture marries with rustic elements and cool design - this place is for you - never mind the fab setting


The design of the Vivere Suites is bold, crisp, unimposing, yet every bit subtle and sophisticated, Vivere lets the landscapes carved by the glaciers take a Zen-like centre stage, mindfully complementing + respecting the surrounds with a fabulously modernist low-rise build. 

Crisp, cuboid structures frame the ancient vineyards, whilst generous open spaces dissolve the barriers of the internal and external – allowing nature to flood the place with the scents, sights + sounds. 

We loved the contrasts and the clever usage of local stonewalling with rusted steel panels - raw elements that act as a protective skin whilst lending an appearance of age, substance and seriousness. 

Here you naturally sense that you are close to Lake Garda at the foothills of the Arco Mountains and you sense that this is a private place crafted with passion and respect. 


Vivere Suites is set against the vineyards of upper Garda and the Arco mountains of the Trentino region of northern Italy. 

Situated close to the small town of Arco, just north of the infamous beauty spot, Lake Garda, which is just a 10 mins cycle away. 



Endless coffee, mountain teas, breads, cakes and homemade preserves make an entrée for breakfast at the stylish Vivere - with pointers to the good life through rural cheeses, cured meats and farm fresh eggs from next door.  

Although there is not a restaurant onsite - don't fret, close by  are enough restaurants to fill a gourmet guide of this fruitful land - including a fab Pizzeria owned by the same family.  

The Vivere produces their honey, olive oil and wine from the surrounding vineyards - perfect for an end to a day in wonderful surrounds. 

You know when you meet people that make you feel just better - this is your hosts and owners here - they enthuse you with their love of the Arco Mountains


“The smile of our baker, the mild climate and the view of the lake where the road starts to descend from Nago to Arco are the qualities that make us very happy and content.”

Meet the enigmatic Edy & Miki Longo, who together has created a favourite bolthole for those seeking a taste of the good life, with incredible style of course. Inspired by the Italian farm stay movement agriturismo they transformed a tired old vineyard into a modernist haven that is still at its heart, rural & rustic – “we wanted to merge with the nature that surrounds – like a farmhouse, just abstract.” 

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