The New Renaissance

A gorgeous pick-n-mix of effortless style, lived-in luxury and glam dashes of heritage


Nestled amid fellow 17th century abodes a mere two minutes from the famous Trevi Fountain, Rome's ode to La Dolce Vita, sits a boutique candy shop of cool-luxe apartments, CasaCau.

A gorgeous pick-n-mix of effortless style, lived-in luxury and glam dashes of heritage, each is a fiercely independent and uniquely lovable home away from home, an ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of the world's most longstanding metropolitan city. 

A wonderland of treats and authenticity, CasaCau's open, liveable feel is bolstered by classic wooden and ancient stones floors, wide double doors and not a cliché in sight. This is luxury done with an eye for moments, seamlessly painting luxe contemporary style with select vintage 50s, 60s & 70s pieces and subtle allusions to Rome's heritage. 

Jaques Henri Lartigue

A place of stillness that has hopped in to bed with art, culture and design, CasaCau is at home with bohemians as much as with the fashion crowd; think beautiful wall to floor motifs, bamboo benches, bespoke fittings and a colour palette that mixes subdued misty blues and swept greys with bolder oranges and pinks. 

Should there ever be a revival of a new kind of renaissance, this is, for us, surely it.


City retreats of cool culture and individual authenticity brushed with the same stylish bohemian outlook, CasaCau's six apartments are a lesson in the good life. Wide open spaces, beautiful wooden floors and open-plan kitchens, these are liveable treats of excellent design. Pared back practicality is infused with glamour, while commissioned artistry from celebrated Italian artist, Nora P. blends with wall to ceiling motifs and modern art pieces that skirt walls. Tactile woven rugs drape over beds and bedeck floors as stunning bespoke headboards headline their difference.

A space of luxe treats, you may have a terrace, a Turkish sauna or a spacious dining room; but what is abundantly sure is that wherever you do set your bags down, you will be in a place of details. Each apartment stands as a modern oil painting, a cocoon of utter style.

Staying at CasaCau is all about living the Italian good life; have supper cooked for you by a chef in the comfort of your very own bohemian Roman abode


Staying at CasaCau is all about living the Italian good life; each morning the warming scent of freshly baked bread will awaken you from your slumber as breakfast is brought straight to your door - fresh bread from around the corner, yoghurt, fruit, eggs, pastries, milk and jam all arrive in a brown bag - ready for opening at your la dolce vita leisure. 

With two fabulous Italian chefs at CasaCau you can also eat what, how and where you like - in the hotel-owned (but cab ride away) restaurant Stazione di Posta at Testaccio, at similarly owned EIT restaurant at sister hotel, Hotel Rex or cut the journey altogether - have the chef himself come straight to you.

Yep, with two chefs to cater to your every need you can have fresh ingredients brought straight to your door, a romantic meal cooked for you and even then take home a fond foodie memento with Stazione's seasonal recipe guide (soon to be a fully-fledged cookbook).


CasaCau’s charismatic owner, Pino Cau – world-traveller, entrepreneur and owner of Michelin-starred Stazione di Posta – is not only seemingly unstoppable, but also a man on a style mission. 

The owner of further successful style abodes Hotel Rex and EIT restaurant, he has certainly learned a lot from his fabulous hotelier family, making waves in the Roman hospitality industry since the 1980s.

Determined to make Rome so much more than ‘just’ a home for the classics, this intuitive style nomad has embarked upon filling CasaCau with pieces from his own personal collection; with an eye for detail and design, he sees leather armchairs, artefacts and typewriting machines blend seamlessly with cool contemporary accents.

Basically, Pino Cau is a guy who totally gets the good life. 


Absurdly central and ideally placed, CasaCau sits in the very heart of Rome, a mere two-minute stroll from the must-see Trevi Fountain and right next door to the Palazzo del Quirinale, once the site of Ancient Roman temples and now home to the palace's raised, or 'island' gardens. 

Browse the nearby shops or head eight minutes away to the Pantheon and Basilica.

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