Alstad is a design and nature lover’s dream, located along one of the 18 National Tourist Routes created by Norway to meld modern architecture with spectacular rural landscapes. In winter, make your way to the Sunnmøre Alps, which boast impressive views over the Storfjord, or climb one of the alpine peaks that lead towards the Trollstigen plateau. In the summer, locals take advantage of the dramatic scenery by hiking, kayaking, rafting and fishing in the fjords, splashing through the Grøndalen waterfall, or taking a trip to the mountains by Hjørundfjorden, considered by some the "most beautiful fjord of them all”.

White Line Hotels - Design Hotel in the wilderness, Juvet Hotel, Norway
Alstad, Norway

Juvet Landscape Hotel

An unfussy architectural gem that floats above a bed of the greenest and most delicate fauna like a scene from the latest Hobbit epic, this is total immersion in nature from your spectacular viewing pods – here, less is definitely more.

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Artscape Nordland – a 40,000 square kilometre art gallery, Norway

While endless innovative projects continue to pour out of Denmark and Sweden, oftentimes their smaller but no less creative Scandinavian sister, Norway, is overlooked. Introducing Artscape Nordland, a permanent exhibition of 33 spectacular sculptures adorning 32 Norwegian municipalities.

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A Scottish landscape of rural nature, in Kingussie, near Killiehuntly boutique Hotel

Top 10 small design hotels lost in Mother Nature

Be prepared to put your visual settings on WOW – each of these little style nuggets has a location that will remain in your thoughts for an eternity (well, until you return home that is...)

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