Heritage Neatly Boxed

Heritage Neatly Boxed

Heritage Neatly Boxed

Heritage Neatly Boxed

Heritage Neatly Boxed

Waking up here is in itself a wonderful experience as you gaze across the canopy of tree tops into purist nature - these design pods let the outside reign with beautiful ease


Matarraña is a spot of natural beauty and it is here we found the Consolacion, small designer hotel & hideaway in Teruel, bordering Aragón. This observatory-like pad clasps to the bedrock amidst heady scents of thyme, lavender + almond groves.

The terrain hosts a stark sequence of cubist structures which beautifully marry with the monastic 14th century Ermita – a small intense masterpiece at the heart of this decidedly relaxed, creative enclave.

There is a subtle sweet rawness that caresses the place, with the wooden cubes adopting translucence + solidity, framing the wide vistas beyond – the huge open-ended window of each den reflects those medieval portals of the old church – a connectivity that runs a thread throughout. 

There is something to be said for ME time - from your private cube you can dance as naked as a bird, or just sit and gaze a yonder. 

Rejoin your fellow housemates taking the garden path past the sunken pool + follow your nose to the open kitchen dining or curl up over a bottle in the whimsical library.

A crafted, regional remit of old style luxury, translated for the nomads of today in a deliciously relaxed tone.

The savvy insider coordinates for this bolt hole are dead simple, here's the lowdown: Barcelona (250km) Valencia (200km) nestling closer to Zaragoza (100km) and Castelion (100km). See you there.


Completely lost in the nature of Monroyo, Matarraña, (the Provence of Aragón) the Consolacion is close to the ancient walled town of Monroyo and is a perfect base from which to explore the vast beauties of this region situated in Teruel bordering Castellõn & Tarragona.

The Consolacion Hotel sits just over a two hour drive south from Barcelona and north of Valencia, although inland the coast is just over an hour's drive.


Surrounded by the gardens of nature, you could expect to leave here a few delicious kilos heavier - so best hit the nature trails to there's room for dinner, then start all over again - foodies be warned, this is local cooking with the tastes of Matarraña


Passion rules the foodie rural heart of Matarrańa where each farmhouse has their own speciality from truffles to smoked hams to creamy white mountain cheeses. The owners love the concept of being a delicious hotel and see their role as to support as many of the locals as possible, so sourcing everything from them makes perfect sense and adds tasty soul to the table.  

Food is harvested collectively from nature's markets on the doorstep - Monroyo, Teruel and Peñarroya. Everything is hearty, fresh and distinctly from this region from breakfast through to dinner. Again nothing too playful, but equally nothing too simple - a balance of peasant dishes updated for the urban traveller, cooked with passion and respect that foodies relish in. 


Daniel Delgado & Ignacio (Nacho) Mas de Xaxàs have been in business together since University, their friendship is more akin to that of brothers and both are real travel junkies with a passion for culture, people and the good life. 

The duo is infused with personality, charisma and enthusiasm; you just instinctively want to hug them like you found a long lost friend.

“This is our take on a rural utopia, the Consolación is all about simplicity, heritage, beauty, quiet design and good food. It is a chilled den you feel you have always known.”

Come visit, explore, eat, sleep, chill, make friends, make love and be happy.  

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