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Counting sheep? Expect to hit the sack relatively early at the Brücke 49 – fresh mountain air alone with usher in a good night’s sleep, and once you hit the creature comfort of your handmade bed, it won’t be long before you pull over the linen and cotton duvets and drift off, "one, two, three...".

The informal layout of the accommodation over two floors of the house consists of four double rooms; two rooms and a separate large shared bathroom concept on each landing, making it the perfect combi for those seeking a luxe bedroom in which to retreat with a good book, and equally for friends & family. On the upper floor of the house you’ll find The Valser Room and the smaller Tomül Room. This floor is also perfect for a larger family in need of up to 6 beds, or friends visiting the mountains togetherThe first floor houses the largest room with separate living room, called The Suite due to its size, and the William Morris inspired Zervreila Room, which comes with its own south-facing private balcony.

the Valser Room

Having a few days of well deserved rest therefore leaves little room for experiments, that might turn out to be a waste of time. So when we travel we want to get the best in a concentrated way, of the places we visit. We want to get as close as possible to the real spirit of the place and close to the people living there. On the upper floor of the house you’ll find The Valser Room and the smaller Tomül Room.

Brücke 49 Vals - a small design guesthouse with nordic style, Switzerland

This floor is also perfect for a larger family in need of up to 6 beds. Or friends visiting the mountains together. It’s private spacious enough to be a exclusively for yourself enjoying the design classic Pelican chair made by Finn Juhl. The Valser Room room reaches from the front till the back of the house and therefore comfortably holds 3 beds. You will enjoy the view and the sun streaming from the south-facing windows.

The Tomül Room

The Tomül room is a small romantic getaway where you can hide and relax for a few days. Take the load of your shoulders and enjoy being tucked away from the busy World. Open the window and let the mountain-air, sun and the sound of water rushing by in the Valser Rhein in front of the house. 

The room on the top floor is inspired by the  “shaker style”.  All the walls have been restored by using the original planks and mixed with a few new elements like the band of knobs. Thomas’ Børge Mogensen family chair is also an important part of this room.  This memorable room is looking up on the in the breathtaking Tomül Pass.

The Suite

We sometimes ourselves find it amusing to watch an classic movie on our computer in bed while zipping a glass of wine, a beer or something more potent. We call it “the suite” just because it is the largest of our rooms. It is actually 2 separate rooms. A sizeable living room with a big stone oven and a seating arrangement by Another Country and Minotti. 

Brücke 49 Vals - a small design guesthouse with nordic style, Switzerland
Brücke 49 Vals - a small design guesthouse with nordic style, Switzerland

In addition a really comfy sleeping room with a freshly made double bed and a special bright red chair designed by Minotti. The suite is almost an entire floor of the house so from its windows you can enjoy the view facing east towards the Tomül Pass. From here the sun will shine over the peaks and into the room. During the day the Sun move towards the south at the far end of the valley. You also have a perfect view towards the village and the old church. If you open the windows fresh clear mountain air will flow in the room and you’ll enjoy the calming sound from the river passing by below.

The Zervreila Room

The Zervreila Room has its name from the mountain at the end of the valley which the room faces. Step out on the private balcony facing south and let the sun warm you while you let the day begin. The beds in Brücke 49 are handmade to the highest standards and laid with linen of 100% natural materials to cover the soft pillows and quilts,which we hope you’ll find just right for a comfortable night. 

What you also will remember from the Zervreila room is the simplicity, the handmade English wallpaper made by William Morris. Characteristic is the Danish handmade Le Klint lamp which is as stylish as when it was designed in the 60‘s.

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