A land unto its own, the untameable beauty of the Highlands is rich in history, mountains, fern and fen. A jewel in Scotland’s ravishing natural crown, the Highlands are utterly distinct from the more populated Lowlands and raise an eyebrow at anyone from south of the wall.

Stand here amidst the dense purple heather, peek into the twinkling mystery of the Caledonian Pinewoods, or gaze in awe at the craggy peaks of the Highland mountains in all their Gaelic glory, there is much to do and see in this ancient, enchanting land. 


Scandi-Scot Design

Located within the breathtaking Cairngorms National Park this creatively unique designer pad in the Scottish highlands is the new place to bed down for the night. Expect a wondrous, comforting blend of classic Scottish aesthetic and smooth, muted Scandi design.

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Kinloch Lodge in Sutherland Scotland is a boutique guesthouse and B&B
Sutherland, Highlands

Kinloch Lodge

Once a remote shooting lodge home to the Duke of Sutherland, Kinloch
Lodge now provides a remote and inviting retreat into the vastness of
nature. Boutique, urban touches meet a rustic, countryside canvas so
striking and so open, it is as if you are in floating in an earthy infinity
pool. Embrace the mountains and the sky with family, friends, the clan, or
just yourself.

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North Coast 500 - the driving route through Scotland's Highlands

North Coast 500 - Highlands’ Open Road

One of Scotland’s most beautiful coastal routes – and indeed the Highlands’ answer to Route 66 – take a drive around the North Coast 500 and sweep your way through 500 miles of varied, rugged natural beauty of the sort that only Scotland could ever really claim as its own.

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