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A Family Affair Santorni - The Owners

Giorgos and Alexandra Alexiou are simply two of the nicest people you can meet, a creative couple that fuse you with their beautiful Greekness. They are the brains, hands and souls behind the luxury Aenaon Villas Santorini, a place of soft luxury for those seeking a contemporary retreat right on the edge of the Caldera.

Santorini is all about the Caldera – let’s face it, we all want a piece of this natural spectacle – the views. the sunsets or simply just being spell bound gazing across the luna basin beyond, “what’s difficult is to find your own little spot, I think we did, hidden between Imerovigli & Oia.”

“Back in the late 80’s we had paid a lot of money for a chunk of rock on the edge of the Caldera, it was completely baron and forbidding that no-one wanted, everyone thought we were slightly nuts and it took us some15 years to complete and convince them otherwise.”

What no-one else could see was the potential – “being an engineer I was able to immediately see the form of the buildings moulding to the site, nesting on the rocks and Alexis with her stylish eyes for interiors had already sensed the theme of Cycladic lifestyle.”

Aenaon Villas has a strong emotional bond to the island,  dictated by the terrain and shaped by local building ways applying local crafted elements that take the experience beyond that of a holiday hotel.

Remote, stylish and deliciously Santorini – Aenaon Villas is a place created by passionate dreamers who have crafted a place that makes the Caldera viewing compulsory.

“Doing something crazy was not always easy and our drive to create something different not always logical, but it was the best thing we ever did."

Aenaon Villas Santorini is a founding member of White Line Hotels®, part of the 50+ creative hotels selected for their soul factor – we are indie places for indie people.


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