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Pino Cau’s Rome – A Treasure Trove of Style

A soaring bastion of Rome’s hospitality scene, Pino Cau is a style entrepreneur of Tom Ford-ian stature, with a wealth of successful design abodes spanning restaurants and hotels throughout Italy’s Eternal City. A world-traveller born into a fabulous hotelier family who have been making style waves in the industry since the 1980s, signore Cau knows a thing or two about the Dolce Vita good life.

His original eye and nomadic collection of pieces picked up on his worldwide travels make him a magnet for designers and chefs who crave creativity and authenticity.

Interior details from hotel CasaCau, Rome The interior design of hotel CasaCau, Rome, a blue chair by a sunlit window
A blue artwork on the walls at Rome's hotel CasaCau
The interior design from Rome's hotel CasaCau, a series of hanging lights strung together against a wooden beamed ceiling The interior design from Rome's hotel CasaCau, a green rocking chair foreground, a yellow lazing chair background

As such, working with local interior designer and visionary artist Nora P. to create his family’s stunning namesake hotel, CasaCau, he and Nora infused the six private apartments with contemporary mementos, whole walls enriched with artworks, the flair of vintage tiles and reproduced ancient frescoes, as well as all that accompanies a true Italian good life – from the freshest of coffee (of course), to vintage champagne glasses, golden olive oil and organic jams all from Pino Cau’s own family farm in Sardinia. 

His eye for detail applies to the ethos, thought and style found in each of his restaurants, too - Rome’s hotspot eateries, Stazione di Posta and the newly opened EIT

Michelin-starred Stazione di Posta is a bio-gourmet experience famed for its contemporary take on traditional Italian cuisine and its modernist glass, iron and stone aesthetics.

Rooted in rich seasonality and organic fare, Head Chef Luigi Nastri works closely with Pino to create a space for the cool crowd, filled with delicious cuisine and that classic Pino Cau style. 

Ever an entrepreneur, Pino Cau’s latest restaurant, EIT, is a thoroughly considered foodie affair of brilliant flavours and the freshest produce.

Channelling all things Elegance, Ingredients & Transparency – ‘EIT’- the restaurant also plays with the number eight, ‘eit’, in harmonising all the flavour sensations.

An image of the restaurant team at one of Pino Cau's restaurants, either EIT or Stazione di Posta

Adding to the original five umami, spicy, fat and lastly the way we taste with our eyes, the foodie circle is complete when paired with the eight wines, eight cocktails and eight distillates to go with it. A restaurant of effortful style and true Italian sophistication, this is ever the Pino Cau way. 


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Images © Nick Hughes & CasaCau


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