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A Very Swedish Christmas

Christmas Trees

In Sweden it is traditionally just a few days before Christmas Eve when the tree finally makes its grand entrance. This helps to build up excitement at just the right time (damn all those early Christmas adverts!) and is a great family activity. 

Snowy Swedish christmas trees, Sweden

Those in the city will buy their tree from a street corner or square while those living in the Swedish countryside will fetch and fell the trees themselves. Should you be an urban-ite then don't head to your local park with an axe, but maybe try and hold off as long as you can, raise that suspense. 

Christmas decorations, baubles, festive and stylish

(But who are we kidding, it's Christmas time, we all want that tree)


As well as the typical Christmas decorations like baubles, lights and tinsels, decorations typical Swedish decorations include wall hangings depicting brownies (the fairy-tale kind, not the baked goods) and white wintery scenes.

Traditional Swedish stockings with christmas presents and a wood burner traditional christmas swedish love cookie

Should you be in real Scandi mode and wish to pick up some original and designer handmade Swedish decorations or presents, then head to Lena M in Stockholm, or, for another touch that is typical of a Swedish Christmas (and easier if you aren't going there!) put hyacinths throughout the house, letting their fragrance waft through and herald a Scandi Christmas-tinged on the way. 


A Christmas spread is almost the most important part of the day - time to pile on those roast potatoes and slip into something a bit 'looser', but to add that special Scandi vibe to your Christmas meal, include some Christmas ham, pickled herring, rye bread (vörtbröd) or even a potato salad. 

Stylishly shot Swedish rye bread for Christmas in Sweden Stylishly shot pickled herring for Christmas in Sweden
A festive Swedish spread with Christmas ham and other festive foods from Sweden

All perfect leftover treats for Boxing Day, too. 

Editor’s Journal Edit

We hope you have a very stylish, Scandi Christmas! And for beautiful places to stay in Sweden over the Christmas period, try our absolute favourites, cosy and cute and full of that classic xmas vibe: Ett Hem in Stockholm and Hotel Flora in Gothenburg.

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Should you find yourself in Stockholm in the near future, peek in our handy Travel Journal for our Stockholm Design Guide, Stockholm's Gourmet Bakeries, Stockholm's Oldest Jazz Festival and the best raincoat to strut those streets in - Stutterheim. Gothenburg is also raising its peacefully cool head with the Gothenbrug Art + Design Guide and the classic fashion of Nudie Jeans.


Images © Helena Wahlman, Svenskt Tenn, Miriam Preis, Per Petersson, Tuukka Ervasti & Ann-Catrin Mattsson


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