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The Juvet Landscape Hotel (landskapshotell) are designer dens that sit in total submersion of nature pure, with carpets of green lushness that tames the harshness of the magnificent wilderness beyond.
Here on the banks of the river Valdolla in the western fjords the Juvet Landscape (Landskapshotell) Hotel is 7 camouflaged wooden structures with their vertical timbers sitting conform with the trunks of Birch, Aspen + Pine.
Neither a beach hut nor a tree hut – these are landscape huts for the modern dweller – simplicity reigns inside framing the theatre of Mother Nature.

The weathered pods provide elementary shelter – deliberately void of distractions – they almost hover above the land without impact like an observatory outpost.

The darkened interiors provide seamless widescreen viewing of Norwegian nature - sit back and contemplate. 
The scene is cleverly balanced by the solid, robustness of the aged original farmhouse and former cowshed providing the communal focal points for all meals – heavy + deeply rooted into the hardships of times past – this contrast is sublime.  This original hideaway is topped by a small subterranean wet spa + sun decks.

Activity junkies as well as those who like to just take it all in are well catered for here – especially when getting tips from the maverick owner, Knut (a sort of Norwegian Indiana Jones) who happily guides guests into the solitude of the fjords or shares his favourite ski coordinates.

CONSOLACIÓN HOTEL – Meet the aficionados of rural style.

CONSOLACION HOTEL - Meet the aficionados of rural style. Meet the creative minds behind our Aragonese country den - Hotel Consolación, a retreat wrapped in the natural beauty of Monroyo, in Teruel, Spain.

Green & Tonic in the slow lane

WILD & UNRULY PLACES TO GO AND HIDE AWAY – check out these retreats fellow lovers of all things good - pockets of escapism, sanctuary and the joyous feeling of being hopelessly lost in nature.

Alta Badia. What a Wonderful World

The precipitous peaks of the Dolomites are a wonder to behold at any time of year; the lush nature of the region is stunning and filled with the summertime pleasures of hiking, climbing, and paragliding. The area has loads to offer in the way of celebrations and festivals as well. We'd like to point out a few, set within the stunning backdrop of the Dolomites.

It’s a Med Thing – Islands, Resorts & Creative Pads in and around the Mediterranean

It's A Med Thing is all about our passion for this little pocket of the planet. We have thrown the savvy spotlight on places that echo Mediterranean lifestyle, packed with the good life and are simply just fab creative boltholes dotted around the coast and inland; It’s A Med Thing - Santorini, Mallorca, Korčula, Mykonos, Barcelona, Côte d'Azur, Puglia, Sicily, Matarraña, Cilento and Tuscany

CERVO Mountain Boutique Resort, Zermatt, is Swiss Hotel of the year 2014

The Swiss Sunday newspaper Sonntagszeitung – has rated the CERVO as Swiss Hotel of the year. This award marks the start of the CERVO’s 5th year jubilee. It comes as no surprise that Zermatt’s trendsetting lodge, CERVO Mountain Boutique Resort has been crowned as the SWISS HOTEL OF THE YEAR 2014 by the notable Sonntagszeitung. […]

Laced with history, a nature hugging creative den where the minimalist meets the jam maker: Pico do Refúgio

Laced with history, a nature hugging creative den where the minimalist meets the jam maker: Pico do Refúgio, Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal

The Old Bread Factory Vienna is a hub of contemporary art.

The Anker Brotfabrik (Anker Bread Factory) is a fabulous industrial building in what is now the edgy former worker’s 10th district of Vienna. In the spaces once used for the baking of bread right up to 10 years ago, now art has moved in and it is today alive with a renewed, cultural sense of purpose.

Primavera Sound Music Festival 2014 Barcelona

Huge music festivals usually have at least a little something for everyone, but at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, there's more than just something for indie music lovers. Almost 200 acts are scheduled to perform at the 14th San Miguel Primavera Sound making the festival a who's who in music today.

WILL YOU MARRY ME – we list the top 5 best places where you should ask your loved one.

Will You Marry Me - perhaps one of the toughest, yet incredibly easy things to say - we've picked 5 of our favourite places that add more then a little Dutch courage - a hot list to impress for those romantic proposals.

Park Hotel Vitznau – a new Swiss den of modern luxury on the shores of Lake Lucerne

A re-born Grand Dame Hotel gives nostalgia a wink and sleeps with cool modernity. The white gables reach towards the peaks beyond at this lakeside lux'ie den, this 100 year old Grand Dame Hotel has had more than a face lift, she has endured the full works resulting in a fabulously chilled, utterly modern abode that gives nostalgia a polished wink as a legend re-born.