LONDON - Continuing on our quest of 'Fringe Living', whereby White Line Hotels looks at the places where rebellious spirits kindle small pockets of individuality - and not just trendy pop-up stores for the ueber cool. Affordable rents & scope for spreading creative wings foster such enclaves, with it the impetus to start trading giving to a new terrain of lovely individualismus.

East London - Bethnal Green, Hoxton, Shoreditch and Dalston - is a menagerie of worldly cultures, beliefs & habits.

Not only famed for the Banksy pieces, jellied eels, fresh bagels, brick lane curry houses, underground bars & clubs - it is a real living quarter that has a spirit and soul sitting in the shadows of the mighty financial city districts. Expect London raw, fascinating and certainly vibrant.

'Fringe Living' is our take on living in the familiar metropolis with fresh pair of edited eyes – we want to explore the places firmly off any general tourist radar, where, even in the biggest of cities - you can still find flavours of local living – a lovely dose of individualismus.



ETTINGER is a family owned and run luxury leather goods and accessories company whose products are still hand-made by British craftsmen in the UK. It prides itself on designing and creating only the very best leather goods and was appointed a Royal Warrant holder to HRH the Prince of Wales in 1996.

HARD GRAFT was founded early 2008 by an English/Austrian design team with a background in fashion and art direction. With a very strict brand juxtaposing 100% wool felt with beautiful leather they create all different kinds of debonair handmade lifestyle accessories.