Feuerstein Essentials


“like soft voices awakening suddenly, we had a yearning for the mountains, forests with their majestic peace & solitude “ this was a poetic exert from our Grandpa, who went on to compile several books about Engadin's raw nature.
What better ethos could we follow; the creation of the company seemed to be our calling from our earliest childhood.


Our ancestral knowledge of the traditional indigenous herbs and botany combined with cosmetic research, lead to the harnessing of treasured extracts used today in our product range of sensual skin care.


The range has a noble refined touch, again designed in-house, which cleverly includes skin care products through to spa treatments and not forgetting the unmistakable, almost holistic, scents. 
The products are developed and produced in Switzerland.
This is a family business, which at its’ core stands for quality, a deep respect of nature and sheer passion - you feel this when you meet them.


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