Food photograhy for a restaurant brand as designed and created by lifestyle agency, Delight in London

Delight. Lifestyle Brand Agency

Who are Delight?

London's Delight agency was launched by creative gurus Will Shorrocks and Daniel Shaw in the summer of 2014 while holidaying with friends and family in the Côte d'Azur. The design duo were brought together by their combined experience of over forty years working on both sides of the agency / client fence.

Will Shorrocks and Daniel Shaw, founders of the creative lifestyle agency in London, Delight.

In addition to being considered veterans in the fields of lifestyle, fashion and travel, their creative interests lap over into photography, film production, print and design. Emotional understanding is key to any brand and as founder Dan enthusiastically explains, and as shown in the video clip below, “Delight came from a firm belief that brands need to creating moments that target the customer's aspirations, behaviour and the broader context of interests.” 

Setting up in the competitive branding and creative scene in London is where Delight excels, by not only thinking out of the box, but by creating a brand narrative that defines that very same box.  

“We are strategic thinkers by nature.”

White Line Hotels brand identity and website

Back in 2015, Iain Ainsworth, founder of White Line Hotels, approached us to help him take the travel & lifestyle label beyond the next level.  As Iain explains “It is rare to find people that you instantly want to work with, even rarer to find a branding agency that could understand and grasp our creative energies and aspirations. Delight are pure magic, they distilled our very essence and then rebottled it”. 

Branding agency Delight in London, for White Line Hotels re brand, new logo

Delight are the lovely mavericks based in edgy Shoreditch, hub of London’s creative scene and hotbed of trends – which Dan & Will tame with vigour and originality.

Visit to see other examples of their work and services.


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