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To say that food is not on the menu here would be unfair, and whilst the Hotel Altstadt does not have a full restaurant, breakfast is truly outstanding, with an array of buffet and menu items to choose from, including daily treats. They also offer an edited snack and light food menu all day and are keen to rustle you a plate should hunger call, including the waft of freshly baked cakes for your afternoon indulgence - exactly what you need when in Vienna.  

The Altstadt team have pulled together an insider's foodie list which is simply teaming with classics, youthful heros of the avant-garde culinary scene and new eateries & pop-up dining dens, each of which headline this city of elegant cafe houses, beer stuben and bastions of Austrian cuisine. The hotel's lounge & honesty bar is well stocked with hand-picked wines and spirits, making for a perfect apéro or night-cap drinkies. 

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