The Culture Kids

Dens of creativity, art and playfulness, each of these hotels plays host to countless cultural events. These are the custodians of local talent and where boho meets highbrow.

This collection of small, eclectic places have culture at their heart.
With piles of well-read books, serious art collections and an ever-changing programme of literary events, fashion workshops, thought-provoking talks and artistic gatherings, they take the concept of the European "salon" and update it for the modern Bohemian.

There's nothing dry or academic about these places though. They're about the joy of discovery, not the grind of being taught; they give an inside track on a contemporary culture that knows how to have some fun.

Prepare to encounter long conversations, brilliant ideas, new friends and inspirations - and a side of a country that you won't find anywhere else.

Whether nestled in the city or far out in the sticks, these hotels create their own scene, meet the CULTURE KIDS TRAVEL EDIT.

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