The Alpinists

During the summery months, the Alpine peaks transcend into sweeping carpets of lushness that is so green and bright you need shades. Fill your thoughts with lush sweet meadows, wild flora, cooling glacial springs, fragrant herbs and the rich scent of fertile lands & rural life. Once our friend, Winter, returns explore these mountain hotels for ski, snowboarding and sporty adventure.

The White Line Hotels crew have lined up some 20+ designer hotels and luxury alpine dens from Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland – each individually hand-picked and curated into this edit of the Alps.

Character, local-ness and, of course style, define these crafted boltholes of heritage with modern sensibility. 

Altitudinous air aplenty, this is the perfect kick for you adrenalin junkies out there, but is also suited for those of you seeking egoistic ME time with holistic & dare we say life-changing spas. Frankly, it is the perfect place to just take it all in. 

TIP - the train networks are super efficient and offer some of the best scenery and the easiest access to the Alps – try a little hopping around the mountains – it’s real easy & great fun. 

So get clued up on our natural ALPINE TRAVEL EDIT - cool dens of mountain living with heart. This is the Alps.


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