Luxury Serviced Apartments by La Reserve Paris, modern contemporary interior design

Parisian Demure

Modern Luxury Serviced Apartments by La Reserve Paris, contemporary interior design

Parisian Demure

View of Eiffel Tower and Trocadéo by Luxury Serviced Apartments by La Reserve Paris

Parisian Demure

So discreet that most peeps have not discovered this celebrity bolthole of designer style that literally lets you reside as the Parisians do.


A sojourn at La Réserve Apartments in Paris is all about residing as a true Parisian at this oh-so fashionable address overlooking the Eiffel Tower in the desirable Trocadéro, 16éme district.

Desiger pad in Paris, this Maisonette at Luxury Serviced Apartments by La Reserve Paris, modern contemporary interior design View of the Eiffel Tower from the Luxury Serviced Apartments by La Reserve Paris, modern contemporary interior design

Hidden behind the heavy glossy royal blue doors of discretion itself is a noble residency of utter sophistication and subdued luxury, paired with a behind-the-scenes service that appears only when required.

Classicism tamed with contemporary coolness amid accents of urban town house glamour, here opulence meets grace, as designed by the guru of interior design finesse himself, Rémi Tessier. A canvas of pearl whites against a palette of rosewood and ebony bring timeless elegance and simplicity to the apartment suites, framed by bespoke artworks and designer furnishings from the likes of Andrée Putman, Maxalto & Vitra.

La Réserve Apartments cradle the residential feel of the leafy Parisian boulevards close to the Jardins du Trocadéro and Palais de Chaillot.

Luxury Serviced Apartments by La Reserve Paris

For those who prefer to reside rather than stay, this is the perfect unassuming abode that covets absolute discretion and quiet luxury.

We almost got lost in our apartment (prev. guest was home to madge-Madonna herself), it is a suite of rooms dressed in white framing the view of the Eiffel Tower - live in Paris as they say


Luxury Bedroom with contemporary four-poster bed at Luxury Serviced Apartments by La Reserve Paris, interior design
Designer lounge Luxury Serviced Apartments by La Reserve Paris, modern contemporary interior
Designer lounge overlooking the Eiffel Tower - Luxury Serviced Apartments by La Reserve Paris, modern contemporary interior
Loft Suite Paris - Luxury Serviced Apartments by La Reserve Paris, modern contemporary interior design
Bathroom Luxury Serviced Apartments by La Reserve Paris, modern contemporary interior design


The pleasure in staying in one of these luxury long-stay apartments in Paris is that they have proper kitchens, so you can either prep food yourself... or order in staff to prepare for you as you please, not to mention breakfast - which is always made just for you. With so many culinary scenes on your Parisian doorstep this is a set-up that makes it easy to opt for dining in the City of Lights, or just call in a delivery and eat in style within the confides of your luxury apartment den. 

KIDS & Co.

These ten private luxury apartments are suitable for families and provide all the support you could ever need on your holiday, from high chairs to nanny services. Children are welcomed with balloons and scooter tours, while cooking activities and perfume creation can be arranged. Local kid-friendly attractions include Palais de la Découverte, Parc Theatre Marigny and Parc des Tulleries.


Host Didier Le Calvez is at the pinnacle of his illustrious career and was a natural choice for the opening of this latest Michel Reybier-owned hotel in the heart of Paris.

Didier Le Calvez is a passionate perfectionist, a virtue he instills into all of his youthful team.  

His management forte exudes calmness as he works flawlessly behind the scenes to ensure a guest experience of utter smoothness – Didier Le Calvez knows the true art of luxury travel, that which is delivered effortlessly and with simplicity. 

Host Host Didier Le Calvez, General Manager of La Reserve Luxury Hotel Paris


La Réserve Apartments Paris essentially overlook the Eiffel Tower in the desirable Trocadéro district, 16éme arrondissement, at the junction of the classical Haussmann avenues of Place du Trocadéro and the Avenue d'Eylau, with the Trocadéro Metro station just steps away. As well as the iconic Eiffel Tower, the aprtments are close to the other soul of Paris, the River Seine. 

This cultural neighbourhood hosts the Musée Galliera, the Museum of Fashion, the Palais de Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Modern Art - the largest in Europe - as well as our favourite, the Musée Marmottan Monet, close to the park of Bois de Boulogne.

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