We are self-confessed "Foodies", and in fact, we border on being deliciously obsessive in treating our taste buds to the delights of well-conceived culinary experiences. 

At the heart of many of our hotels, food plays a pivotal role, and is even sometimes the sole 'gastro' reason for packing your gourmet bags. We love heading off for a culinary escape and some taste therapy.  

We’ve got hotels that specialise in health inspired boot camps (and yes, healthy can be delicious) to rustic, hearty dishes that draw on the regions’ heritage, to the organic farm-to-table concepts and finally, across to the other end of the foodie spectrum, Michelin-starred restaurants and their tasting menus of delight. Whoever is behind the stove in our selected foodie hotels we guarantee you will find deliciousness, all at the hands of maverick chefs, grandmas, owner cooks and pioneers of innovative creativity.  

Travel & taste – foodie experiences can sometimes be deliciously simple, others a work of ingenuity.  But like our hotels, they are always fabulous.

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