Views to the islands of Delos from the Diles & Rinies Luxury Villas, chilling in Greece on Tinos

Meltemi Whispers

Private pools of the luxury villas, Diils & Rinies, Tinos, Greece

Meltemi Whispers

Night time photo of the swimming pool of Diles & Rinies Tinos, illuminated with stars to capture the nightfall

Meltemi Whispers

Lovely Greekness prevails at these clever eco-luxe island villas - the beautiful soul of Tinos has been captured here just for you.


Diles & Rinies Luxury Hotel Villas are scattered across a gentle Calderan hillside that cascades down towards the Aegean on the southern tip of Tinos, a few kilometres from the old town, the port and the Agios Fokas beaches.

Life in Tinos, the Cyclades isles of Greece, private pool, Diles & Rinies

Cast in the familiar sun bleached sugar cube form dressed in raw stone, Diles & Rinies Luxury Hotel Villas are an eco-friendly luxury residence fused with contemporary Cycladic style as well as being lovingly brushed with the saintly culture of untouched Tinos.

Awash in a crisp, fresh patina of whites, soft eggshells and ochre, the spacey yet boutique Mediterranean interiors are streaked with rural artefacts & crafted ceramics from the island.

Luxury Villas resort in Tinos by Diles & Rinies Villas, landscaped gardens, Cyclades, Greece
Traditional architecture on Tinos island, Greece, Diles & Rines Eco Resort Sunset over the pool at the luxury resort, Diles & Rinies Villas, Tinos, Greece
Private Villa built in traditional stones of Tinos island, Greece, Diles & Rinies Villas

Each bespoke boutique villa is flanked by private fragrant gardens and has fabulous upper floor verandas that gaze out towards the sea, the isles of Delos (Diles), Rineia (Rinies) and hedonistic Mykonos.

Diles & Rinies Hotel Villas provide independence with the services & concierge at a luxury boutique hotel, all in the relaxed style of a designer house etched with the heritage of Tinos.

Getting there is relatively easy – either fly to Mykonos and take the 15-minutes fast boat, or pop through Athens and cruise down the Aegean for a few hours to the port of Tinos.

Mykonos is just a 20 minutes fast-cat trip away - a completely different world


Luxury Villas Tinos at Diles & Rinies - GAIA - GRANDE VILLA WITH PRIVATE POOL
Greek modern interior design at Diles & Rinies Luxury Villas Tinos
THALASSA - GRANDE VILLA at Diles & Rinies Villas Tinos, Greece, Interior modern Greek style, contemporary design
Luxury bedroom Diles & Rinies Villas Tinos - AGAPI - COMFORT VILLA
Luxury design bedroom of the Niovi Private Villa, Diles & Rinies Tinos, Greece
Contemporary Greek interior design of the Thalassa Grande Villa at Diles & Rinies Luxury Villas, Tinos
Luxury interior design in Greece on the island of Tinos, Diles & Rinies Luxury Villas, four poster bed
COntemporary Greek styling of the lounge of Anemoni Private Villa, Diles & Rinies, Tinos
Boutique Hotel interiors of Diles & Rinies Luxury Villas, Tinos, Greece


Having the Tinos island soul at its culinary heart, Restaurant Moonrise at Diles & Rinies Luxury Hotel Villas has sourced a journey of taste from the island - a zero-kilometre-concept that showcases the freshest ingredients from Tinos. Dining takes place around the pool and gardens and you can either opt for the rustic large farmhouse table or grab your own little table of romance. Modern infusions of classic Mama-style dishes are absolutley delicious using natural simple foods cooked in the island tradition - this is foodie done the Greek way.

Original Greek cuisine on Tinos, at the Diles & Rinies Villas
Family setting a tthe Diles & Rinies Villas Tinos, at the Moonrise Restaurant
Fresh Greetings basket for your Private Villa at Diles & Rinies Tinos, Greece
Poolside healthy foods, Tinos, at the Diles & Rinies Villas

Expect wooden boards with grilled fish, meats, farm-to-table vegetables, cheeses and sweetness from the island's honey and fruits. Each villa has a kitchen too, so you can arrange food delivery, hire a chef to cook for you in the privacy of your own villa, grill your fish yourself, or grab a basket of foodiness before hitting the trails and beaches for a day of adventure.  

The great thing here is that you live like an islander - just with hotel services that are there, as and when you wish them. 

Kids & Co.

These luxe, private and serviced villas are very family friendly and are ideal for families of all sizes, with 3-4 bedroom villas up to those that sleep 8. Bunkbeds, cots, baby gates for stairs, children’s menus, babysitting and creative play are all included, as well as an on-call doctor. For entertainment, there is your private pool, going to the beach, swimming in the sea, horse riding and windsurfing, as well as 60 authentic villages full of art, culture and restaurants.


Eleni Gioni can best be described as a core academic who fell in love with the island of Tinos and its surrounding Aegean sea.

“I felt I had returned home”.

Finding a spot to create their new life here was a difficult task as there are literally so many enchanting places, but eventually “we found our little pocket of Tinos that had our names written on the rocks – and the view, well come and see for yourself.”  

Art, culture and a passion for the environment helped Eleni conceive her plans for an eco resort that used the island’s dna and fostered local building materials.

“I wanted to explore the notions of luxury meets eco and I believe we have succeeded beyond our dreams.”

Eleni has creatively styled her love of nature and culture in her beloved boutique abode on lovely Tinos. She runs the place with passion – her enthusiasm is so wonderfully Greek and original, this is Eleni.


Why island hop when you can see the islands from your pool - Cyclades eye candy.


Situated in the Cyclades on the southern tip of Tinos east of the main Chora and ports, facing the islands of Delos & Rineia (Diles & Rinies - hence the name). Getting to Tinos is easy and the quickest route is via neighbouring Mykonos, just a 20-mins fast cat journey away.  

This southern tip of Tinos is still a rural setting of peace and tranquility overlooking the Aegean, with the main Chora a short drive away. The villas are close to the beach of Agios Fokas and offer a perfect base from which to explore the many saintly sights of Tinos.  

And lastly, the sunsets from here are totally instagrammable - especially cast against the mythical island of Delos.

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