Fabulously romantic, Masseria Cimino in Puglia, Italy - a boutique interior

The Candescent Apulian

This is your cool cat of the Mediterranean - twisted olives, lumpy lemons and a creative dialogue of rustic style in white.


Distinctly Italian and sitting at the Adriatic heel in Puglia, (Savelletri di Fasano, Ostuni & Torre Canne) this boutique guesthouse, Masseria Cimino, is a firm favourite with those looking for a romantic escape. It also appeals to those seeking authentic Italy set amongst the olive groves and natural countryside scene, a chic Agriturismo close to the San Domenico Golf Club.

On the San Domenico Golf Course - Masseria Cimino in Puglia, Italy - a boutique hotel

Masseria Cimino, winner of the Tatler 101 Best Hotels Awards, is a melange of the Mediterranean – tune your mind to lumpy unwaxed lemons, sun bleached fortified walls (white-washed of course), a theatrical set of olive groves – all twisted + knotted, green golfing lawns, and the blue yonder of the Adriatic  - a backdrop that would be tempting enough – however the interior fix of this period farm house is simply hotter than the beating sun.

Creative bathrooms of the Masseria Cimino in Puglia, Italy - a boutique interior Romantic bedroom of the Masseria Cimino in Puglia, Italy - a boutique interior

The whole colour palette speaks of pastoral collage as darts of vividness merge the tones of white, which cleverly canvas numerous objets d’art hailing back to the times of the bucolic past - the Masseria Cimino hotel pays an artisan tribute to its rich agricultural roots.

At dusk, the place is illuminated by staged candles lending yet another rich candescent layer of dapper sophistication, whilst adding a touch of the dramatic to the ancient ramparts.

Designer details of the Masseria Cimino in Puglia, Italy - a boutique interior

The vibe is relaxed rather than formal, it is family owned + run, just the way we like ‘em. A place to meander the days away, all chilled + just ever so Italian, Ciao.


Romantic bedrooms Masseria Cimino in Puglia, Italy - a boutique interior
romantic bedrooms Masseria Cimino in Puglia, Italy - a boutique interior
Beautiful traditional bathrooms - Masseria Cimino in Puglia, Italy - a boutique interior
Romantic bedrooms with fireplace - Masseria Cimino in Puglia, Italy - a boutique interior
Mama-style kitchen dining means hearty Italian dishes served family style - naturally organic tastes of Puglia served without the fuss.


Deliciousness perhaps best describes the food here with an heavy accent of Puglia's finest.

Dinner is served together with a buffet style of communal dining - simple and tasty dishes by Chef Giuseppe Angiolinis who re-works Mama's secret dishes with a touch of finesse.

Organic fresh homemade Italien dining at Masseria Cimino in Puglia, Italy - a boutique interior Rural traditions of hanging the tomatoes - Masseria Cimino in Puglia, Italy - a boutique interior

Being on the coast, fish makes a frequent appearance, as do delicious pasta dishes and the best sun-dried tomatoes, ever.

The little boutique Masseria Cimino also has a cute bar lounge with cracking fires during the cooler months - and in summer, opt for drinks by the pool.   


“My Grandmother was born in the kitchen of this very farmhouse”, states Aldo Melpignano, the proud family member of a hotel dynasty that he shares with his mum, auntie, wife and Co.

Aldo is an adventurist when it comes to the world of hospitality, a maverick hotelier who creates special places like this one.

“You need to be rooted, you need to have style, but moreover you need to tell a story about the place and share the notion that clever design can be earthy and warm whilst being cool.”

Aldo – hats off to you, this place is magical. 


Sitting just inland, walkable, from the beaches of the Italian Adriatic by the fishing village of Savelletri di Fasano on the Puglia coast between Bari and Brindisi, hotel Masseria Cimino is on the San Domenico Golf Course. 

Surrounded by attractions of Italy, such as Fasano, Cisternino and the "trulli" village of Alberobel with Manfredonia, Ostuni with the sights of Alberobello, Polignano and the Castellana caves close by. 

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