Das Wanda boutique hotel, in Caldaro/Kaltern, South Tyrol, outdoor pool

The Oaked Modernist

Das Wanda boutique hotel, Modern interiors in Caldaro/Kaltern, South Tyrol

The Oaked Modernist


When your gaze is fixed on lush layers upon layers of nature, it is an obvious, yet clever move, to reduce the decorative elements, whereby your attention is favoured to the great Italian outdoors. 

Das Wanda boutique hotel, in Caldaro/Kaltern, South Tyrol

Modernity, fresh elegance and a natural hand are cornerstones within the restored traditional walls of boutique hotel, Das Wanda; a modern, designer, natural retreat with a strong South Tyrolean heart, whose suites quietly mimic a wonderful small boutique hotel of understated design, with the warm intimacy of a local Bed & Breakfast founded on sleek style.

A romantic nature-wrapped retreat just for the grown-ups (14-year olds and up more than welcome) - this is the perfect spot for some serious 'me+you' time.

Milky wet-clay toned walls keep an earthy design narrative throughout, inviting stripped oak to cast its tawny subtlety throughout the decidedly modern interiors of blond woods, tufted cushions, hemp linens and low slung cubist sofas in soft greys & mocha, all of which throws clever contrast to the reflective glass walls, porphyry stone and wonderful brushed cement.

This palette echoes an ethos found at the heart of Das Wanda’s design mode – to use traditional building materials found near and at hand.

Bedroom suite at Das Wanda boutique hotel, in Caldaro/Kaltern, South Tyrol

Lighting is key here and as the sun sets low over South Tyrol, bespoke lamps add a seductive contemporary note to the evening setting.

The luxurious kitted out suites of Das Wanda are roomy and command views across the wild woodlands, vineyards, apple plantations, twisted olive trees, breezy palms and of course the soaring majesty of the snow-capped Dolomite Mountains. 

The vineyards of Das Wanda boutique hotel, in Caldaro/Kaltern, South Tyrol

This truly is a land of it’s own. 


Each boutique suite at Das Wanda comes complete with a contemporary oversized sofa corner that was simply made for just reading, snoozing or indulging in the kind of simple chillax time that can be found in only Caldaro.


Breakfast is special in these parts - a true celebration of mountain pastures, expect the normal candidates of milky cheeses, cured meats, the yellowest of egg yolks, creamy yogurts and fresh fruits, all eaten while over-looking the ripening Italian olive groves below.

Outdoor sun teracces Das Wanda boutique hotel, in Caldaro/Kaltern, South Tyrol
Modern dining Das Wanda boutique hotel, in Caldaro/Kaltern, South Tyrol
Bar Das Wanda boutique hotel, in Caldaro/Kaltern, South Tyrol
Das Wanda boutique hotel, in Caldaro/Kaltern, South Tyrol

During the daytime, hotel guests can opt for light poolside and lounge snacks before hitting the cute little bar for an Aperitif and chat with fellow residents. With some of the best restaurants in South Tyrol on their doorsteps, including their own favourite haunts, the self-confessed foodie owners decided to join forces with local places, so you have several tantalising dining options right outside your door. 


Das Wanda boasts two pools – the first, an indoor cavernous hideaway that just frames the verdant infinity of the vines, complete with a steam sauna suffused with aromas provided by iconic Kneipp, a company founded on Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp’s principle that: “Nature offers us in abundance everything we need to stay healthy”.

Indoor Swimming pool Das Wanda boutique hotel, in Caldaro/Kaltern, South Tyrol

The second is outdoors, in the Mediterranean gardens, a magnificently framed azure blue pool, bringing an undeniable accent of the good-life aesthetic to play. 

Beautiful azzure blue pool Das Wanda boutique hotel, in Caldaro/Kaltern, South Tyrol


Being part of a hotel family, warm and generous hospitality is as natural here as the day is long. Being local means that they are also so passionate about their boutique residence in Kaltern/Caldaro that it will be hard to leave – we assure you, you certainly will return.

Verena Huf, Owner & designer Das Wanda boutique hotel, in Caldaro/Kaltern, South Tyrol

Owner Verena Huf has personally designed Das Wanda while drawing on their motto to embrace “Things you see when looking out of the window”, drawing from outside their vision for a modern hotel with local heart; Das Wanda is undeniably, and strikingly, alluring.  


Just 12km south of sunny South Tyrol’s capital city, Bolzano, lies the beautiful lakeside, vine-covered village of Kaltern am See, or Caldaro al Lago; also known as one of the most beautiful wine villages in the world. Quietly nestled here amongst the snow-capped Dolomites, sunlit palms, ferns and breath-taking olive groves, lies boutique design hotel Das Wanda

Perfectly located for an Italian break of pure, natural escapism, mixed with easy dips in to local and vibrant medieval history and culture at Bolzano.

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