The Tuscanian

The Tuscanian

The Tuscanian

Sleek urban vibes hit the UNESCO town of Pienza - where aged heritage is left alone to frame designer pieces of style - love the courtyard garden.


Right in the heart of the renaissance crumbling charm of Tuscany's Pienza, the luxury La Bandita Townhouse is the boutique hotel of rural sister La Bandita Countryhouse – and whilst both share, aka owner John Voigtmann’s, cool styling dna of urban design – they are each matched to the heritage of their sublime locations, making them pleasingly related, but subtly different.

La Bandita Townhouse is etched in the history of Pienza. A former convent, the exteriors were largely left untouched adding instant romantic appeal and a sense that this place is part and parcel of the town’s fabric – which indeed it is.  

The interiors bring on boutique design with soft luxury – bright airy rooms decorated in a strikingly simple yet intricate prose, including the signature use of lemon to accent each suite.  

Salvaged pieces, well-turned books and music add unfussy culture and a wink to nostalgia. The courtyard gardens and terrace play host to the in-house restaurant of Tuscan delights – also a perfect pitch for the Apero or late night drinkies with friends. 

La Bandita Townhouse is Pienza captured in a all-encompassing moment, delivered with imaginative boutique charm and passion. 

Clever unfussy interiors let the character peak right through the lovely minimalist whites



Casual, relaxed and in sync with the soul of Tuscany - the little Townhouse Caffe is soul satisfyingly good with honest home cooking using produce from the village and farmsteads.  

The open kitchen lends an air of familiarity where you can chat with the chef - sitting in the garden is also a delight. This is where breakfast is served in typical La Bandita style - local with luxury urban touches that make us feel good. 



John Voigtmann is not your typical hotelier and as such infuses his projects with his passions of life: people, food, culture, creativity and fun. 

These touchstones of John make an incredible simple storyline for his hotels – he captures the essence of the building and locale with subtle ease – then applies his lifestyle alchemy of worldly style.  

Tuscany has adopted him and he fosters the dna of Tuscany within each hotel abode – just with added style and panache.  

John Voigtmann


Standing among the Renaissance aged buildings on the Corso Rossellino, La Bandita Townhouse is in the heart of ancient Pienza, close to the Palazzo Piccolomini and the Cattedrale dell 'Assunta.

Step out onto the cobbled streets and soak up the atmosphere of Pienza in all of its glory, a working village where the townsfolk meet to chat, sing and occasionally dance in the main square. Here pecorino, wines, spices and local produce are sold, as well as it being home to a dozen or so bustling Trattorias. 

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