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If the forest fairies did design, this would be their house - creativity has touched each log of this aged timbered gingerbread house set to a canvas of nature - so you can have your wilderness with style.


Set in a magnificent, fairytale-like timber clad house, traditional of Norway's Valdres region, the Herangtunet Boutique Hotel shouts cultural heritage with accents of woodland living in the rural village of Heggenes. Squeezed in between the Heggefjord and the mountainous Jotunheimen, the Herangtunet Boutique Hotel is sort of bang in the middle of Norway, between Oslo and Bergen, in Norway’s sunniest regions and close to the ski resort of Beitostølen.

Herangtunet, Boutique, Hotel, Heggenes, Norway, stylish, nature, front door

The worldly owners, a creative design duo who opted for the solace of the woods, took the weathered Norwegian exterior and married comfort & designer decoration to create a lux vibe, bringing a slice of boutique cosmo living to the forest edge.

Herangtunet, Boutique, Hotel, Heggenes, Norway, stylish, nature, front door
Herangtunet, Boutique, Hotel, Heggenes, Norway, stylish, nature Herangtunet, Boutique, Hotel, Heggenes, Norway, stylish, nature, front door

Cosy living is echoed in each suite & room which cleverly showcase distinctive compilations, capturing the design attributes of some of the greatest metropoles and setting them into the serenity of Norway.

This is a year-round destination from which to explore the vast wilderness that equally serves as a creative, escapist pad or as the perfect hub to gather friends & family – it’s about smart country living with a boutique imaginative touch of interialist delight; perfect for modern-day tree hugging nomads of style. 


Herangtunet, Boutique, Hotel, Heggenes, Norway, stylish Herangtunet, Boutique, Hotel, Heggenes, Norway, stylish
Foodies love this place and part of the process of chilling in the woods and lakelands is that they are bountiful stores of deliciousness - enjoy foodie adventures.


Breakfast is homely, soulful and fresh - adding their own twists to familiar favourite dishes that bring the outdoor flavours to the breakfast table. But the gastro triumph here is the fresh foodie concepts that sit so perfectly with the soul of Herangtunet Boutique Hotel - this is the tale of Norwegian food with creative vivre, by owner-cum-chef, Marie-José. 

One fantastic aspect are the foodie platters of everything Norwegian, it's like being on the trail of Norwegian cooking culture - grazing on pickled preserves and condiments that play host to cured meats, cheeses, fish and dried forest fruits - best washed down with local brewed Aquavit and beers.  

The restaurant is lovely too, serving an array of traditional dishes with added modernity.

The gastro highlight though, weather permitting, is to sit around the fire pit, OFYR, an oversized bbq and fire that lets you prepare meats, seafood and even fry an egg while you gather with new friends - this is the Herangtunet Boutique Hotel experience, among the pine trees.

Kids & Co.

Herangtunet has four family friendly rooms – from themed suites to a family apartment with extra beds and baby cots available. A perfect retreat in a big fairy-tale forest for the kids, entertain them with a lake for fishing and swimming and an unforgettable winter wonderland once the snows fall. 



Marco & Marie-José Robeerst clearly fell in love with this location and it too has captured their imagination for creating a hotel of style, naturalness and originality.  

They are at home here and like nothing more than infusing their passion for this remote corner of the world with each of their guests. Their dream was to marry design with adventure, rusticality with modernity and to harness the natural beauty of their spot.  

“Living here is living the dream.” 

Marco & Marie-José Robeerst


Located in the wilderness heart of Norway 200 km north of Oslo, the Herangtunet Boutique Hotel is in a forested location in Valdres on the south eastern edge of the spectacular lakes of the Heggefjord, close to the Jotunheim National Park and the alpine landscapes of Beitostølen. 

The journey from either Oslo or Bergen is all about visual drama, a route through nature directly to the Herangtunet Hotel.  

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