Beyond Don Quixote and tapas, Spain is a diverse and rich country that has inspired centuries of romantic travellers, from explorer Christopher Columbus to Scarlet Johansson in Vicki Christina Barcelona.

In fact, Spain is so diverse that there are three different climate zones that exist within its borders: hot and dry with mild rainy winters by the Mediterranean, a continental climate in the plateaus, the Meseta, and an alpine chill at the foot of the Pyrenees.  

Spain is also known as a country of great passion, a fire that extends from its love of great food. It holds some of the world's best restaurants, from the famous Roca Brothers right the way through the foodie spectrum to hearty traditional Paella — to be enjoyed alongside its historic dance culture, Flamenco. In Barcelona, former home to Picasso, Joan Miro, and director Pedro Almodovar, urban sophistication pours out from every nook and calle. Immortalized by Gaudí, here “modernos" (hipsters) soak up culture, fashion, and fixed gear bikes while enjoying the rich Catalonian heritage, punctuated by edgy art installations and bold architecture. The all-night discos of Ibiza may bring in the flash, but for understated glamour, travel to the crystal turquoise beaches of Mallorca or the rocky grandeur of the Canary Islands. The country may boast a whopping 3,000 catalogued beaches, but it is still easy to find your very own spot of Spanish tranquilo or perhaps a hushed moment in the mountains of Matarraña.

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