Kyiv (Kiev) is the epic cultural capital of Ukraine that spans the from the Byzantines to the Soviet Socialist Republic: A history of over 1700 years means that Kyiv is a city where anyone with an interest in culture and archaeology can wander around for days. In this, the 7thmost populous city in Europe – one of the oldest in Eastern Europe, many landmarks can be found that narrate its tumultuous journey from a Soviet Socialist Republic - like the 340-foot high iconic Mother Motherland Statue - to a European Union-minded independent state that fosters an energetic, creative scene. 

Kyiv occupies both banks of the river Dnieper, which has created many tributaries, isles and harbours within the city limits. Relatively unknown are the 16 beaches – so, if the temperature is right, take a dive after exploring the city streets. 

Be inspired by the endless allure of chaotic architecture that punctuates Kyiv's streets and spend an evening here and there - you will get to fall for this mecca for painters, musicians, thinkers, writers and artisans alike. 

Bursa Hotel - boutique design interiors of the new art hotel in Kiev, Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine


A buzzy place in a historical part of Kyiv (Kiev), Bursa is a small, creatively inspired boutique hotel in the artsy old-town district of Podil. The Bursa is where the hotel meets with art; a place where local artists can connect with travellers and wanderers from across the globe in an open, cosmopolitan atmosphere.

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