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A modern bohemian, this bolthole relishes in the arts, Bursa is a new hotel on the block that sits at ease in the beguiling neighbourhood of Podil, the oldest part of Kyiv’s historical centre


The coolest place in a historical part of Kyiv (Kiev), Bursa is a small, creatively inspired boutique hotel where local artists can connect with travellers and wanderers from across the globe in an open, cosmopolitan atmosphere. 

The bones of this 33-room hotel are more than two centuries old.  Under the direction of local architect practice balbek bureau, a merger of two early 19th century buildings in Podil, the oldest part of Kyiv’s historical center, Bursa approaches its combined hospitality and art concept like it has approached its design: with respect for the fundamentals yet with youthful energy.  

Bursa Hotel - boutique design interiors of the new art hotel in Kiev, Ukraine Relaxing in Kiev - Bursa Hotel - Kiev, Ukraine, modern urban life
Bursa Hotel - boutique interiors of the new art hotel in Kiev, Ukraine Bursa Hotel - boutique interiors of the new art hotel in Kiev, Ukraine

Championing a new Ukraine – post corruption, revolution, violence and all – the Bursa Hotel  brings various generations together under the shared impulse of revitalizing Ukraine’s capital. Bursa is a creative catalyst in a city with a bright future. 

Taking its name from the term ‘bursary’ as it exists in different guises in both French and English, Bursa references the lively cultural history of the Podil neighbourhood, when students performed theatrics and music in the city streets. 

Modern art at the Bursa Hotel Kiev, Ukraine
Bursa Hotel - boutique interiors of the new art hotel in Kiev, Ukraine Chilling in Kiev, woman in red, creativity found at the Bursa Hotel in Kiev, Ukraine

Part hotel, part cultural incubator, Bursa+ opens its doors to musicians and artists as a residency during the winter months. The hotel’s night club, recording space and cultural spaces function as a non-profit where events and lectures are organized, which are open for all. An ideal base to explore this city in full metamorphosis.


Of the Andrey Melensky-designed structure, only the walls remain, leaving the interiors free for interpretation for 2B.Group architects, who decided to preserve as much as possible. Starting with this not-so-blank slate, they took on the project of Bursa’s interior in spring 2017. They looked toward Bauhaus for the overarching aesthetics without limiting the design to just that: the interior is simple in its formality and colour but also industrial, with concrete floors and high ceilings.

Following the tenet that architecture means usefulness, strength and beauty, 2B.Group architects added details and flourishes to Bursa that are subtle and highly tactile. A lot of attention was paid to the incidence of light and to the durability of materials. In the communal spaces, for example, all the furniture is second-hand, but in the rooms, all the furnishings are Ukrainian-made, with a tubular structure developed in tune with the interior design. 


Pop in any time for a coffee, a quick lunch or a slow dinner at Bursa’s ground floor level café Beliy Shum, which translates to ‘white noise’. Warm, welcoming and open-minded, the café’s relaxed philosophy is focused on human interaction. Come here for culinary classics with a contemporary twist, such as tartar, filet mignon, Korean salads, Moroccan tagines, sliders and finger food, or just to enjoy a rooftop cocktail before heading to ‘closer’, the nightclub.

Food cafe at Bursa Hotel -  the art boutique hotel in Kiev, Ukraine Food cafe at Bursa Hotel -  the art boutique hotel in Kiev, Ukraine
Bar Food cafe at Bursa Hotel -  the art boutique hotel in Kiev, Ukraine Food cafe at Bursa Hotel -  the art boutique hotel in Kiev, Ukraine
Night rooftop Hotel Bar -Food cafe at Bursa Hotel -  the art boutique hotel in Kiev, Ukraine

Bursa's 360°rooftop bar, 1818, is open to hotel guests only, as is the Library Bar, an ideal place to work in silence or enjoy a glass of wine and read up on Ukrainian art and culture. 



With the creation of Bursa, founder Vasily Grogol wanted to set an example for the entire city of Kiev. From the renewable energy that’s being utilized to recycling, to letting each team member contribute with ideas, Bursa is doing just that.

Vasily Grogol - Owner, founder and Creator of the Bursa Boutique hotel, Kiev, Ukraine

Grogol’s background in hospitality in New York, combined with events and culture experience in Moscow, have given him a great eye for design and a keen feeling for what’s in the now.


The Bursa is situated at the heart of the historical old-town district of Podil, home to Kyiv’s (Kiev) hip neighbourhood surrounded by countless little bars, street-side cafes, restaurants and bustling nightlife.

Old trams thread through the historic belle Epoque boulevards dotted with postmodernism builds and industrial relics strewn in colourful street-art and graffiti. Podil is the creative hood of Kyiv (Kiev) filled with the bohemian and where creativity resides alongside nearby Izone creative community and Port creative hub.

The Bursa Hotel is just one block away from Kontraktova Ploscha, Podil’s main square, and a 5-minute drive to famous Maydan Nezalezhnosti, Kyiv’s central square. The hotel also lies within walking distance from the legendary Andriyivskyy Descent, so-called "Montmartre of Kiev", and the Dnipro riverside. If you want to dive into Kyiv’s reviving techno scene, legendary Closer Club is just around the corner.

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