© The Albertina Museum, Vienna (Foto: Harald Eisenberger)
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Catch a rare glimpse of Albrecht Dürer's ‘Hare’ in Vienna from September

Coming to Vienna means fusing old and new in a city that was the birthplace of classical music and Baroque architecture, and home to historical legends such as Beethoven, Mozart and Sigmund Freud. Today, visitors come to breathe in the weight of this bygone culture while enjoying the fresh breeze of artisan coffee shops, modernist Zaha Hadid structures, experimental street art and innovative cuisine.


This autumn sees a new, enthralling reason to visit Vienna. The Albertina Museum will be bringing Albrecht Dürer's intricate and sensitively depicted portrait of a young hare from its vaults. Due to the fragile nature of ‘Hare’ it can only be displayed for a few hours at a time. Last time the long-eared hare saw the public was 2016, for just seven hours, where crowds queued patiently for hours to witness the fascinating likeness. This showed that time passing has not subdued art-lovers appreciation of this exquisite and natural watercolor.

If you’re a fan of Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528), the Nuremberg-born artist who became famed for his painting and printworks of the German Renaissance, you will be able to see many more of his impressive works as part of the exhibition. With over 140 works, the Albertina owns the world's most important collection of drawings by the master, and visitors will be able to see for themselves why his influence spread widely across Europe, including Italy where he kept regular communication with artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael.

Elsewhere in the Albertina, located the Innere Stadt of Vienna, you will find art from a huge number of notable old master artists, plus famous works such as Monet’s ‘Water Lily Pond’, Degas ‘Dancers’ and Picasso’s ‘Bust of a woman adapted from Lucas Cranach the Younger’. Although due to their extreme light-sensitivity, these works are not always on display.

Albrecht Dürer Feldhase, 1502 Aquarell und Deckfarben, Pinsel, mit Deckweiß erhöht © Albertina, Wien
Albrecht Dürer Betende Hände, 1508 Pinsel in Grau und Schwarz, grau laviert, mit Deckweiß gehöht © Albertina, Wien Albrecht Dürer Bildnis eines 93-jährigen Mannes, 1521 Pinsel in Schwarz und Grau, mit Deckweiß gehöht © Albertina, Wien
Albrecht Dürer Flügel einer Blauracke, um 1500 Aquarell und Deckfarben, mit Deckweiß gehöht © Albertina, Wien
Albrecht Dürer Selbstbildnis als Dreizehnjähriger, 1484 Silberstift auf grundiertem Papier © Albertina, Wien Albrecht Dürer Das große Rasenstück, 1503 Aquarell und Deckfarben, mit Deckweiß gehöht © Albertina, Wien
Albrecht Dürer Die Marter der zehntausend Christen, 1508 Öl, von Holz auf Leinwand übertragen Wien, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Gemäldegalerie © KHM-Museumsverband
Albrecht Dürer Bacchanal mit Silen, 1494 Feder in Braun © Albertina, Wien

After your fill of art, be sure to replenish yourself at one of Vienna’s many fuel-stops. Have a traditional coffee and cake at a Kaffeehaus or pair a burger with a gin and tonic at hipster burger joint Said The Butcher To The Cow, or treat your self to a bespoke cocktail at Roberto’s American Bar where you’ll be bathed in a twinkly glow from the pearl-laden chandelier.

Where to Stay

A hotel where art is more than just décor, this place will have you wondering around the gallery-styled corridors - boho, edged in creativity, this is for those who like to set their own scene

Boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna | Free standing bathtub in the large suite desiged by Matteo Thun Design interiors of Hotel Atlstadt Vienna ? Orange sofa and art works

A fabulously creative art den in hip Spittelberg, the artistic “SoHo” of Vienna’s 7th district, boutique Hotel Altstadt Vienna is a curated residence, a patron to the arts and a favourite luxury bolthole of the culture scene. A hotel that is playful, crafted, familiar and ever-so private.

Images © The Albertina Museum, Vienna


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