FREITAG, bags, Vienna, flagship store, Hotel Altstadt, shop, artisan, recycled,
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Freitag takes Vienna

FREITAG, bags, Vienna, flagship store, Hotel Altstadt, shop, artisan, recycled,

The up-cycled materials may be similar, but every bag is original. The truck tarps used to make up the majority of the exterior of the bag each have their own history and result in a completely individual eco product – just like the stores. Which means that even if you’ve seen Freitag bags before, the new flagship store in Vienna is worth a visit.

Until now the bags have only been available at a few locations in Austria but the new shop will carry over 1,600 bags. How will they do this? Using Colin Schaelli’s V-30 Friday Skid shelving system, which won him the 2009 Design Prize Switzerland award as Newcomer of the Year. The shelving system was custom made for Freitag to display as many bags as possible and looks fantastic to boot.

If you’ve been following FREITAG LAB., you’ll also notice the new “Reference” line of bags are much simpler than the traditional bag. Most notably, they are only one colour. This, however, is not as simple as it sounds. It takes months to collect enough one colour tarps to create an entire line, a line that cleverly combines classic design with the eco design ruggedness FREITAG LAB. is known for. They’ll look great strapped across your shoulder as you bike to work - you design diva of classic avant-garde aesthetics, you. 

Don’t forget to check out Hotel Altstadt while you’re in Vienna, a design den of creative cool filled to the brim with art and style.

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Images © Freitag Lab. Zurich


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