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Amalienborg Royal Palace Copenhagen

Home to Denmark’s Royal family and indeed the oldest monarchy in the world, Copenhagen's must-see Amalienborg Royal Palace offers glitz, glamour, history and some fabulous guard uniforms (think Buckingham Palace but jazzier).

Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark, must-see
Amalienborg Palace from above, Copenhagen, Denmark, must-see

A visit to Copenhagen's Amalienborg Palace is the simplest must-see for any royal history fan. Outside, Denmark's famous Royal Guard, the Den Kongelige Livgarde, march at 12:00 sharp everyday from their barracks by Rosenborg Castle to Amalienborg's square.

Meanwhile inside, the Amalienborg museum stretches back 150-years into the past, back to Christian IX and Queen Louise, then known as the "in-laws of Europe" because four of their children ascended the thrones of England, Greece, Denmark and Russia respectively. What a clan. 

Amalienborg Palace courtyard from a window, Copenhagen, Denmark, must-see Amaliehaven garden and the Royal Copenhagen Opera House , Copenhagen, Denmark, must-see

After a sneak-peek in to the rooms of the rich and royal, wander down to the waterfront and seek out another Scandi must-see, the Amaliehaven garden. Frequented by locals, this beautiful green oasis designed by Belgian architect Jean Delogne was gifted to the Danish people as a meditative escape from their cool urban environment.

Sheltered even from the beautiful royal facade of the Amalienborg Palace itself, a potter in Amaliehaven with its scented flowers and waterfront location is the perfect place to find some stillness in Denmark, before then gearing up and heading back out into cool-as-ice Copenhagen. Look out over the water to your left and lo’ and behold, there sits the Royal Danish Opera House, another must-see spot in our opinion.


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