An inside shot of Copenhagen's The Royal Danish Theatre, Denmark, a vast auditorium of royal red velvet seats
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Copenhagen's Royal Cultural Hub

The floating exterior architecture of Copenhagen's The Royal Danish Theatre, Denmark, designed by architect Henning Larsen

Designed by visionary architect Henning Larsen, Copenhagen's Opera House is a building whose architecture and design spares no expense. Stood upon canals to give the impression that it is floating upon an island, you enter by crossing over bespoke bridges made from Denmark’s oak trees, in to a foyer floor covered by Sicillian Perlatino marble. The most well equipped (and expensive) opera house in the world it may be, but with all performances state-subsidized, your experience there doesn’t have to be.

Meanwhile, Copenhagen's beautiful Royal Danish Theatre, standing proudly in the awe-inspiring Kongens Nytorv (New King’s Square) since 1748, is a cultural hub and majestic ode to Denmark’s Golden Age. Also home to The Royal Danish Orchestra, the world’s oldest orchestra, and The Royal Danish Ballet, the world’s third oldest ballet company, your opera glasses will never have felt so popular.

Inside Copenhagen's The Royal Danish Theatre, Denmark and its bridges of Sicillian Perlatino marble as happy theatre-goers pass over them

What's more, The Royal Danish Theatre is a theatre to which 14-year-old fairytale storyteller Hans Christian Andersen once devoted his early ambition; so who knows what new seeds of inspiration Denmark may spark in you.

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