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Jazz beats in the city of Salzburg

Alight in Austria’s historic city of Salzburg this October and have all your senses treated to a metaphorical massage as your ears, eyes and heart are stretched, warmed and made anew. 

October 17th – 21st 2018 sees the return of Salzburg’s annual Jazz and the City festival, otherwise known as the ‘coolest jazz festival in Austria’. 

Over these five days all of Salzburg will be alive with the vibrations of 40 venues emitting the joyful plucking of bass strings and the crooning of vocal chords.

Around 80 concerts will be played in a variety of venues and what’s more - what might even be considered the finishing note of this musical extravaganza – is that it is all completely FREE! 

A trip to Austria’s Salzburg will tantalise more than just your eardrums, however, as the part of this beautiful city where the Jazz festival will take place - Old Town - is also a world-famous UNESCO heritage site.

The awe-inspiring architecture of Old Town is what has secured this rare standing, as the buildings there are a special and stunning mixture of both Medieval and Baroque.

Naïssam Jalal

It is not just the architecture that will transport and warm your heart however, as when you wander through Salzburg it is the setting within the surrounding Austrian countryside that is just as much a sight to behold. 

Surrounded by towering mountains to the south and rolling plains to the north, with the Salzach River running across the entire province, Salzburg is undeniably a very special part of Austria, and the world.

From the jazzy tunes of Leïla Martial, Volker Goetze and Naïssam Jalal & Rhythms of Resistance (all on the 18th), we believe that Salzburg must undoubtedly be the best place this October to embrace your musical side and dance the night away (or tap politely with your foot while resolutely sitting – we like both), as the sounds of jazz, Latin, soul and acoustic fade away into the evening glow. 

Leïla Martial at the Salzburg Jazz Festival
Salzburg Jazz Festival

We know it will be a really wonderful few days, least of all because of the fact that Mozart, the music maestro himself, was born there. Salzburg won’t let you down; it has a reputation to live up to.


Mellow tones and the jazzy vibe will envelope the old town which plays host to the Jazz Festival Salzburg. Check out the Arthotel Blaue Gans Salzburg as the place to crash when in town.

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Images courtesy of Altstadt Salzburg Marketing, Leïla Martial, Naïssam Jalal & Arthotel Blaue Gans, Salzburg, Austria


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