Cantonese menus Le Tsé Fung, Geneva
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First Michelin-Starred Restaurant Chinese in Switzerland

The first distinction of its kind to have ever been conferred on a Chinese restaurant in Switzerland, Le Tsé Fung receives it to much admiration and acclaim, Frank Xu having already made his dishes, such as his Peking-style duck served in two stages, a benchmark and foodie jewel in the domain.

Frank Xu has been cooking and creating in Geneva since August 2015 and it has only taken him just over a year to gain this incredibly esteemed gastronomic prize. 

Chef Frank Xu at Le Tsé Fung, Geneva

With a focus on honouring Cantonese tradition and its subtle flavours with enhanced modern techniques, Frank and his team create a variety of intriguing and mouth watering dishes, from dim sum to rotisserie dishes, all of course completely devoid of MSG. Exceedingly fresh produce and precision timing also take Frank Xu’s dishes to a Michelin level, as well as his clever distinctions in texture, taste and of course, his sublime presentation.

Ha Kao Crevettes at Le Tsé Fung at La Reserve Hotel, Geneva
Cantonese Michelin starred dining - Mangue Pudding Noix de coco at Le Tsé Fung, Geneva
Gourmet Cantonese food at Le Tsé Fung, Rouleaux de riz rouge aux crevettes
Delicious Cantonese gourmet foods at Le Tsé Fung Restaurant, 1 Michelin star
Michelin Cantonese food at Le Tsé Fung by Frank Xu in Geneva

In the gastro world this is a remarkable effort and an amazing feat by a chef achieved in such little time. As a result, the La Réserve group now holds a Michelin starred restaurant in each of its hotels: Le Gabriel Restaurant in Paris, La Voile Restaurant in Ramatuelle and now Le Tsé Fung in Geneva.

Tse Fung Restaurant Veranda, Cantonese interiors by Jacques Garcia in Geneva


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Images © Tiphaine Marie Pittet & La Réserve Genève, Bellevue, Lake Geneva, Switzerland


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