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Michel Reybier - A World of Luxury Wine

Wine is emblematic of the good life, so knows discreet luxury hotelier, Michel Reybier – owner of La Réserve Hotels and a highly desirable vineyard or two. Synonymous with enjoyment, gracious hospitality and simple pleasures, wine and champagne pair ever so well with well-travelled lifestyles and luxury nuances, the calling cards of Monseiur Reybier.

wine, Reybier, luxury, hotel

When wine collectors worldwide think about red wine, the great châteaux of Bordeaux in France are often at the top of their list. Sparkling wine? Undoubtedly Champagne. While the search for the highest quality sweet wines may lead them east beyond Sauternes to Alsace, Germany, Austria and ultimately to Hungary where, perhaps, the ambrosial nectar from the Tokaj region is most prized by connoisseurs.

wine, Reybier, luxury grapes, wine, Reybier

Michel Reybier, entrepreneur and luxury hotelier, owns vineyards and produces wines in all three regions, as well as owning the infamous luxury hotel group, La Réserve. Cos d’Estournel in Bordeaux, his very own Champagne and Tokaj Hétszölö in Hungary. As any wine buff will know - an exceptional trio.

In the words of Reybier, “My philosophy is to seek excellence in creating exceptional places… [that] in addition to certain values, share a special vision of life and luxury. Luxury that isn’t afraid of simplicity. Luxury that embraces authenticity. Rethinking luxury.”

wine, Reybier, luxury, hotel

This pursuit of luxury and excellence is reflected in the calibre of Reybier’s wines and their renowned association with quality and history. It is no coincidence then that guests at La Réserve Hotel and Spa, Paris can enjoy a bottle of world-renowned Cos d’Estournel in their room, direct from the vineyard to their own bespoke wine fridge – to be enjoyed at optimal temperature, of course.

This attention to detail and conscious intertwining of businesses – from luxury wine to luxury hotels - tells a story of a thoughtful approach that Reybier takes in all he does, fulfilling the simplest wish while accommodating the highest level of indulgence.

This same thread of high quality luxury and attention to detail is woven throughout each of La Réserve’s hotel locations, from Geneva to the French Riviera to Paris, while each purposefully retains its own unique sense of place and character – just like any really good bottle of wine.

wine, Reybier, luxury


For more on all things luxury, book a stay at Michel Reybier's coastal South of France pad, La Réserve Ramatuelle, or peek in our travel journal and indulge in some more luxe wine at Taubenkobel's biodynamic Austrian legend, Gut Oggau and Son Brull's organic winery. Similarly, stay with that Michel Reybier luxe vibe and dine on the first Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant at La Réserve Geneve or look up that Eiffel tower connection in Paris

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