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For Foodies - The Ski-Licious Side of The Alps


In Cervo Puro, guest enjoy regionally sourced and sustainable products sourced from quality local producers and a frequently changing menu based on the availability of ingredients.

The hip cousin – Ferdinand, pays homage to a selection of hearty Swiss comfort food including Raclette, fondue and the BBQ Mixed Grill. Sample the Carpaccio of Naturabeef with Belperknolle on leaf parsley vinaigrette with a tasty mesclun salad or the vegan korma with tofu, spring onions, red pepper, mushrooms and yellow zucchini.

Located in its own bright and airy chalet, breathtaking views of Zermatt provide the talking point.


Schwarzenberg, Austria

Jonathan Burger, chef at Hirschen Schwarzenberg


Goldegg, Austria

Der Seehof is without a doubt a lakeside design den home to famed farm-to-table foodie favourite, Restaurant HECHT! A perfect tranquil escape down the slopes, a cool culture kid with divine tastebuds and an eco culinary ethos that sees no produce come from outside 120km - a different taste to the ski season Alps.

Headed by maverick Austrian Chef and Der Seehof co-owner, Sepp Schellhorn, he has a deep passion for creating a palette that is regional, responsible and innovative. Think homegrown vegetables, home reared happy pigs and, you guessed it - home baked fresh rye bread (on their own wood ovens, no less).



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