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The Accidental Alchemist

Just a few short years and over 200 international awards later, Stählemühle is recognised as one of the ten best distilleries in the world by Destillata and Gault Millau.

So as not to let the distillation rights attached to the house lapse, Christoph originally began to distil as a hobby, though this hobby quickly morphed into an obsession.

Just one sip and you’re off on a journey through nature’s multifaceted tastes and aromas.

Transfixed by the calculated balance of alchemy, research, tradition and craftsmanship, he strives to bottle the entire life cycle of a plant. 

Christoph Keller

And with over 200 varieties on offer, there are plenty of journeys to choose from. Christoph distils everything with a natural aroma – from traditional, exotic and obscure fruits to mushrooms, herbs and even chicory root. Producing just 1500 bottles per year, Christoph faithfully sticks to the artisanal origins of his craft. Even the dark glass apothecary bottles with handwritten labels pay homage to the ancient alchemic art form.

Stählemühle Stählemühle



All images © Bernd Kammerer


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