Lake Garda Italy  - blue lake with wooden jetty - close to the Vivere Suites Hotel
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Why staying at Vivere Suites and Rooms enhances your experience of Lake Garda.

Visitors to Lake Garda normally have two choices in their quest for a place to stay: the true-to-its roots agriturismo where authentic farm fare meets renovated stone buildings, or the old-world charm found in the luxury hotels that trumpet Italian living.

But for somewhere different, and one that perhaps strikes out on its own design journey, consider Vivere Suites and Rooms.

Although initially it seems in sharp-edged juxtaposition to its more conventional neighbours, in fact Vivere takes a little of what’s around it.

Bringing in the heart and soul of agriturismo, mixing in a little Italian glamour and whole lot of sleekness, there rises a beacon of modernity that shines brightly in this area of faded glamour.

It’s cuboid-like structures are striking and state-of-the-art, yet create wide open spaces to enjoy the mountain panorama.

Raw materials merge with the natural environment in a subtle, sophisticated assimilation. There’s an overriding feeling of calm that comes from considered design.

And yet, Lake Garda and its tourist flurry is so close. In fact accessing Lake Garda is easy as pie. Grab a bike and cycle for ten minutes and you’ve arrived at the ‘place of observation’ - the modern equivalent would probably be ‘nice area for people-watching’. And this you can do in abundance. Lake Garda’s surface shimmers with mountain reflections broken only by the zip of boat taxis and pleasure seekers on the water.

Beautiful vista throughte h mountains of Trentino into Lake Garda - revivne into the blue waters - nature, wild Cycles for hire Vivere Suites Hotel - perfect to explore nearby Lake Garda - two bikes in the sun waiting
Design bedroom suite with full lenght windows overlooking the vinyards . Hotel bedroom decorated in pastel tones, and linen
Photo by Klaus Huber | Aerial photograph of Lake Garda Italy, surrounded by mountain peaks
Vivere Suites outdoor elongated Swimming pool | sunset over the Arco Mountains of Trentino in Italy close to Lake Garda.

After a day of sensual pleasure on Lake Garda, perhaps aboard a speedboat heading to Sirmione for gelato or visiting the bustling and characterful village of Gardone Riviera, have one final dip before you slink back to Vivere. An Italian coffee or icy Prosecco awaits while you watch the sun slip behind the mountains.

Photos by Vivere Suites and Rooms, Klaus Huber, Andrea Sonda & Michael Martinelli


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