Südtirol, Alto Adige, South Tyrol
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The dozen corners of South Tyrol

The South Tyrol (Alto Adige) is all about a marriage of culture, language, tradition and nature, for this small pocket of Northern Italy shares more than just a border with Austria, this is an Alpinista lifestyle that flirts with Dolce Vita, where extreme sports junkies fuse with foodie aficionados and mother nature cradles the spectacular of the Dolomites.

If you’ve never been, then it’s time to travel and have a break here, we have our usual smart edit of 12 places that capture the spirit, vitality and lovin’ soul that epitomises the South Tyrol (Alto Adige) rich in vineyards, apple groves and hay baths.

Eat to your hearts content washed down with superb wines and burn it all off hitting the peaks and then you can start all over again, bliss.

This is South Tyrol (Alto Adige) – we have 12 little gems for you which can easily be routed to include all four and get a real sense of what the South Tyrol is all about – famed as The Gardens of the Alps, Epicurean Ski and simply, the Good Life.

Pragser Wildsee, Südtirol, Alto Adige, South Tyrol, Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini
Photo by Andea Ferrario, Pragser Wildsee, Alto Adige, South Tyrol, Italy Photo by Stephan Seeber, Alto Adige, South Tyrol, Italy
Südtirol, Alto Adige, South Tyrol

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Images by Andea Ferrario, Stephan Seeber, Samuele Errico Piccarini


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