Anish Kapoor at Serralves Museum © Marco Introini, Sky Mirror Porto, Portugal Exhibition
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British sculpture Anish Kapoor exhibits at the Serralves Park Porto.

The work of British sculptor Anish Kapoor is awe-inspiring to say the least, and often all-enveloping in its powerful way of conveying very human emotions.

His geometric or biomorphic sculptures and installations are often monuments that represent meaningful concepts such as motherhood, infinity, a slavery-free world, darkness, birth, death and womanhood. Made of simple materials such as granite, limestone, marble, pigment and plaster, they are imposing curved forms, often in a bright monochromatic colour made from powder pigment. Other materials that Kapoor has explored through the years are solid quarried stone, mirror-like polished stainless steel, PVC, red wax, and even rapidly rotating coloured water.

Kapoor’s evocative imagery and iconography inevitably leads to introspection. The immersive quality of his shapes in space lends them to contemplative and poetic experiences – very much so when his work is placed inside and feels overpowering, but it’s testament to Kapoor’s artistry that even when placed out in the open, reflecting or interacting with their surroundings, his pieces resonate intimately.

Kapoor has many public commissions to his name, such as Sky Mirror, at Rockefeller Center in New York City, and his Orbit sculpture at the Olympic Park in London, so it makes a lot of sense to present and view Kapoor’s work in sculpture parks connected to museums. The latest of such opportunities to do so takes place in June of 2018, when the Serralves Foundation in Porto stages a major exhibition of the leading contemporary sculptor.

Across the 18 hectare Serralves Park, the first solo exhibition in Portugal dedicated to Anish Kapoor will comprise both sculptures out in the open – some of them new – as well as architectural models conceived over the past 40 years.

The aforementioned Sky Mirror will travel to Porto, for example, and Kapoor will intervene in dramatic sculpting of the landscape itself, creating a true dialogue of the works with the park, by bringing sky and earth, horizon and dark interior together.

Serralves Museum © Marco Introini, Porto, Portugal, exterior, gardens
Anish Kapoor at Serralves Museum © Marco Introini Map of the Serralves Foundation Park, Porto Portugal
Serralves park © Marco Introini, Porto Portugal
Serralves Park by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje Van Bruggen Anish Kapoor at Serralves Museum © Marco Introini
Anish Kapoor at Serralves Museum © Marco Introini
anish kapoor descent into limbo porto Singular Body Preparing for Monadic Singularity by Anish Kapoor
Serralves Museum © Marco Introini

Serralves Park, with its formal gardens and famous art deco villa, and the contemporary museum designed by Álvaro Siza is a wonderfully contrasting location for Kapoor’s often organic, always visceral works. Let yourself be overtook by the sheer visual power of Kapoor’s work and its emotional effect, a 15 minute drive from A Bela Aurora, our charming townhouse in Porto’s historic quarter, an equally enveloping environment of intimate beauty. 


Images © Serralves Museum & Marco Introini


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