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A passion for local handicrafts at LENA M SWEDEN, Stockholm

The entire studio-shop was founded on the premise of recycling, with almost all that it contains having been salvaged, reinterpreted and thoughtfully upcycled, creating a warm and inviting space that reflects Lena’s environmentally friendly ethos. Even the rustic serving counter was lovingly pieced together from timber offcuts.

Having studied textiles and art at Konstfack, Stockholm’s highly acclaimed University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Lena has been designing and producing unique products since 1991. Originally she worked with weaving, however she switched to screen-printing as it allowed her a more immediate connection to the end result.

For the past 20 years Lena has been designing prints for her iconic trays and dishcloths, and more recently she has added ecological tea towels, tote bags and linen scarves to the selection of products on offer, all created out of locally-sourced materials, and lovingly hand-printed in her Old Town studio.

A true artistic all-rounder, she also paints on timber offcuts passed on to her by friends, and transforms vintage teaspoons into quirky rings and necklaces. It’s no wonder she has managed to attract a loyal following from every corner of the globe.

Next time you’re in Stockholm drop by Lena’s and witness the magic for yourself. 

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All images © Lena M Sweden, Stockholm


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