Photo of San Vigilio di Marebbe, the green valley and Dolomites
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Zigzag Down Europe’s Longest Zip-Line

South Tyrol’s verdant, untouched mountaintop oasis of San Vigilio has much more adventure on offer than just Kronplatz’s legendary ski slopes next door, you know. A cloud grazing 1500m above sea level, speed down the mountain sans skis in the fabled San Vigilio di Marebbe, dangling your feet sky high through trees and valleys on Europe’s longest zip-line, reaching speeds of up to 80km/h.

A sky-high emerald haven for you adventure junkies who like to pack adrenaline in with your passport, Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures’ record-breaking zip-line is perched 1600m up the mountain in Piz de Plais, in the heart of the Dolomites. Brimming with lush nature and the scents of alpine pines, from here you can spy the wonders of South Tyrol's distant mountaintops from a whole new vantage point, it’s time you had a bird’s eye view.

Soar over bristling treetops and plant your feet firmly on eleven wooden platforms as you zag your way down the mountain, relay style. No small stretch in a kids’ playground before diving into a floor of wooden chips for you (we’ve all been there) – this is the real deal. Zip-line your way across 3,200m over an hour and a half, with stretches in the air spanning from an eye-watering 80m to a jaw-dropping 800m – leaving you plenty of opportunity to try and break Usain Bolt’s 800m world record, in your own kinda zippy style.  

Built with the highest levels of safety in mind and with environmentally sustainable materials throughout, you can rest easy in the harness and be reassured for the planet – and yourself. From skis beneath your feet to nothing but the breeze, this is a whole new way to travel mountainside, and the best zip-line in Europe? Strap us up.

San Vigilio di Marebbe and a person riding Europe's longest zip-line, Dolomites in background
San Vigilio di Marebbe and a person riding Europe's longest zip-line, Dolomites in background Brochures for San Vigilio di Marebbe, Europe's longest zip-line

From one South Tyrolean feat of awe-inspiring nature and design to another, hop in the car and trundle 25-minutes away to the idyllic town of Brunico (Bruneck), home of 13th century farmhouse turned dinky architectural delight, Niedermairhof. A den of classic heritage cool meets bold designer structure of jaunty steel; all wrapped in a bucolic vision of Italy's South Tyrolean countryside with rolling meadows, distant mountains and burbling brooks. Each room is inspired by the view, and infused with a warm loveliness unique to this boutique abode. 

What are you waiting for – shake up that ski, amigos, Kronplatz ain’t all that with a record-breaking zip-line next door. Time to voyage anew. 

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