The Azorean Atelier

The Azorean Atelier

The Azorean Atelier

One of favourite boltholes that has creative pedigree fused with island soul - you can sit in an hammock all day long, explore the wilderness of the coast, chill on the beach or get lost in nature before you retire to your small guesthouse of loveliness.


Nesting amongst the verdant hilltops of Portugal's São Miguel island on the north coast, the tiny art hotel house of Pico do Refúgio peaks above the lushness of this ecological reserve, close to deliciously slow lane living of rural life in Rabo de Peixe and Ribeira Grande. 

There are a random collection of former tea buildings overlooking the sea that radiate like arteries from the white washed, terracotta mansion house dating back to the 18th century. Here you find traces of the former garrison married with the days as an orange & tea plantation before finally finding tranquillity as Pico do Refúgio, an owning artists retreat. 

The open lofty interiors of Pico do Refúgio have borrowings of atelier décor with a creative cocktail of nature, art and crisp design. Sweeping glaucous hues of polished concrete flooring pairs with aged, honeyed plinths and ivory walls that flank modernist pieces.

The homemade jams are equally at home here as are the countless paintings, a chilled ateliers’ den of family culture just a few minutes from the beaches of Santa Barbara. 

Pico do Refúgio is all about escapism in Portugal's Azores, an arty hotel hub in which to tank up on nature or dive into the watery depths of the Atlantic's archipelago. 

A creative pad that hugs you with the Azorean simplicity of São Miguel.



A simple, laid back, farm-to-table breakfast is served as and when really, continental in style serving homemade marmalades - try the estate's pineapple for a change, soft white island cheeses and delicious picos and bolos Lêvedo.  

Stock up in nearby villages for late night snacking, otherwise check out the local gastro scene with its very own culinary specialities of the islands - with seafood being a culinary highlight, prepared so simply that it naturally has a wow effect.  



Owner Luís Bernardo Brito e Abreu has a special bond to his little hotel – it belonged to his artistic parents and so is fitting that the son has restored, converted and replenished this boutique hotel house of creativity.  

Being an architect himself this challenge has been met with care, ensuring that the character, bare bones and structure of Pico do Refúgio come to life.

He adores the island and can tell you the most amazing insider tips of discovery – he is a fellow creative, former navy officer, foodie and shares his world with eyes wide open. 

The perfect perch for island exploring - aged and characterful den that commands views across the whole island and eco reserve.


Nesting on Portugal's north coast amongst the verdant hilltops of the Azorean island of São Miguel, Pico do Refúgio sits in a lush ecological reserve just outside the town of Ribeira Grande, close to the village of Rabo de Peixe. 

From this elevated plateau visitors can take in the island of forests, lakes and of course the coast that is both soft and sandy - like at beauty spot Santa Barbara - as well as rocky and wild.   

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