NEUE VISUELLE INSTRUMENTE - Process at Vienna Design Week
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Vienna Design Week 2018

Vienna Design Week, 28th September - 7th October 2018, is Austria's largest design festival. Curated by Lilli Hollein, each year Vienna Design Week sees that year's chosen district open up creative processes and give scope for experimentation and a different design focus, as well as exploring the design landscape of each year's chosen European country. 

During VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, the city becomes a platform and showcase of design, highlighting how design is more than just the finished object. VIENNA DESIGN WEEK defines design as an essential part of the cultural production. The festival shows that design shapes our material culture, our every-day life and our world as consumers. Simultaneously, it explores how it influences our lifestyles and most fundamentally, our aesthetic senses and judgements.

BRING ART TO LIFE! - Fedrigoni at Vienna Design Week
Teppichgallerie Geba - Patrick Rampelotto - Micro Macro, Patrick Rampelottoa, at Vienna Design Week
NEU-ZEUG - Porzellan zum Leuchten  at Vienna Design Week
STILLNESS - Nadja Zerunian at Vienna Design Week
SAE Wien – Prophecy of the fallen
Falbanka – PATCH – IT – MORE – AND LIVE WITH LESS! at Vienna Design Week
HeySister Cartonbag at Vienna Design Week
GELÉE ROYALE – JEWELRY DESIGN FROM ISRAEL AT THE SALON - Gottfried & Söhne / Jüdisches Museum Wien
Design & Art - Ikebana- Denken und Tun at Vienna Design Week
Der andere Blick - Weltmuseum by Peter Weisz at Vienna Design Week FLAGS OF UTOPIA - Theresa Hattinger  at Vienna Design Week
FOUR6 – TEXTILE INTERACTIVE OBJECTS FOUR6, the result of the textile designer Selina Reiterer’s cooperation with the media artist Oliver Maklott, scrutinizes established methods of operating systems. A series of interactive objects with textile surfac
Studio Riebenbauer - What the Fuck is Heimat? at Vienna Design Week

Cocoon yourself within a world of playful and random beauty that emanates from the Hotel Altstadt Vienna's entire being, and surround yourself in style at this design den that we think makes for the perfect hub during Vienna Design Week.

Wander from room to room down winding, gallery-inspired corridors and marvel at the incredible collection of contemporary artworks that calls Hotel Altstadt home. Among them you will even find a number of jaw-dropping works by the modern masters: Warhol, Leibowitz and Attersee. 

These sit perfectly among the carefully curated mix of designer and antique furnishings, and, we like to think, gaze down in approval as you sip your Viennese espresso while lounging casually on a bespoke – and perfectly placed - designer sofa.

An exploration of art and design flows throughout the entirety of Hotel Altstadt found in the cool and creative Spittelberg Quarter, otherwise known as the SoHo of Vienna, it is the perfect creative bubble from which to venture forth to the Vienna Design Week 2018 and explore the city. 

This is a beautifully furnished rabbit hole you will never want to leave. Surrounded by exceptional design and beauty from beginning to end, exploring design fairs by day and being looked after at night, Hotel Altstadt will become your own brilliantly unforgettable version of Wonderland. You will head home feeling bright, invigorated, and inspired like never before.


For more on all things Vienna and design have a peek down the rabbit hole at our Vienna Design Guide, full of under-the-radar hotspots to supplement the festival, and from one Austrian design legend to another, check out our piece on Helmut Lang and his enduring fashion legacy, before sampling the world of the Austrian coffeehouse that takes you simply Beyond Sacher.

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IMAGES © Vienna Design Week & Hotel Altstadt Vienna 


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