Widder Bar & Kitchen Zurich, Switzerland
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The New Widder Bar & Kitchen

Zurich has a new foodie hotspot, The Widder Bar & Kitchen and we went to have a look at this already popular hub designed to be where gourmet snugs up to casual and the signature bar hums with the right crowd.

Tilla Theus is at it again – the legendary architect and designer has renovated and merged Zurich’s cult bar and institution foodie hotspot at the Widder Hotel into the brand new ‘top of your to-do list destination’: the Widder Bar & Kitchen. 

A restaurant experience perfect for you ‘have passport, will travel’ foodie aficionados (the kind of cool cats we could share a drink with,) this design den in Zurich’s coveted Old Town effortlessly matches Eames with 13th century Medieval frescoes, while serving the city’s largest catalogue of liquid delights (whiskey flavour charts included).

The Widder Bar & Kitchen, which is led by up and coming foodie legend in his own right, Chef Tino Staub, is dedicated to all things innovative + taste-buds, which sees him “tinker, experiment and refine” until those fascinatingly perfect and sometimes challenging flavour combinations are discovered.

Blending tradition with avant-garde, aromas are sought in the unlikeliest of places and your palette will always be stop-and-stare surprised.  

The menu features regularly changing ‘flavour IDs’ that allude to the Widder’s unique and pioneering character, with sub-headings entitled ‘Smoke Signs’, ‘Basil Bash’, ‘Salt and Pepper’ and ‘Chilli Caveat’ gracing the elegant pages, and then your plates. Held over two levels and with direct access to the inner courtyard and its summer restaurant and lounge, it is the stairs that are a star-struck focal point for all guests entering the Widder’s newly done up bar.

Greeted first by the welcoming bust of the Widder’s eponymous wooden ram, the patterned, folded aluminium wall that runs along the entire length of the staircase and parallel to the striking red leather of the bar is undoubtedly next to greet your wandering eye. Use a special pen to sign your name on the wall, doodle a design (the arty crowd love it here) or just recommend a dish – smoked beetroot, anyone?

Interior design Widder Bar & Kitchen Zurich, Switzerland
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Already host to a desirable culinary repertoire, from this summer’s pop up Widder Garage to the summer restaurant and lounge and carnivore heaven, Restaurant Boucherie August, the Widder is an absolute Zurich must-do for a quiet tipple at the bar to a full-blown taste sensation, surrounded by cool crowds that will get your tongues wagging as much as the food will. 

Editor’s Journal Edit

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