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VIP Paris is Waiting... with a Personal Butler in Every Room

La Réserve Hotel & Spa, one of Paris’ most intimately exclusive luxury hotels, maintains a sense of yesteryear grandeur in all that they do. 

Their latest development is one that now makes them utterly unique throughout all of Paris – each of their 40 suites has a personal, private butler. With absolute discretion but a kind familiarity and attentiveness to all details, their presence, while unfelt if you wish it, will hugely enhance your stay.

From finding out your favourite flowers for when you arrive to discovering your favourite book for your bedside table, like magicians, they are there to alleviate troubles big or small. Sourcing tickets for a sold out show, getting table reservations at exclusive restaurants, orchestrating a private concert for a marriage proposal... there is nothing they can’t do.

In this busy world that constantly makes of demands of you; asking for decisions, constant travel and constant stress, it is with a sense of peaceful wholeness that you enter La Reserve and sink back in time, to a world more streamlined and seamless.

Combining modern expectations with delightfully old-fashioned values, La Réserve Hotel and Spa is for those who want to travel intelligently. Its intrinsic aim is to promote your personal sense of wellbeing – something that is self-consciously hard in these hectic times, proven by the proliferation of mindfulness colouring books – yet it is also something that their butlers specialise in. From alleviating stresses and strains through sorting problems to adding touches that are specific to you, their presence makes you feel special, welcomed and whole again.

Their presence elevates the experience of staying in a beautiful, luxury hotel from something ordinary to something truly extraordinary. This is the ultimate in VIP treatment. 

Situated in the centre of Paris by the Champ Elysées and the Grand Palais, this stunning luxury hotel is now offering something exclusively special, something you cannot find anywhere else. 

Step back in time at La Réserve and feel a shift of peace not only in your surroundings, but also in yourself. Stay once, and we promise you will want to return. Paris is waiting for you…

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