View of the Casa Mila from Hotel Omm Barcelona, rooftop bar
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Gaudí From Your Window

A trendsetter and a local institution, Hotel Omm is found on the most prestigious street in Barcelona, Passeig de Garcia. Stylish and expensive, it is Barcelona’s equivalent of New York’s Fifth Avenue, not least because it has two of Gaudí’s most famous architectural triumphs a mere stones throw away. 

One of the great draws to Barcelona, apart from the amazing food, people and weather - of course - is the work of Gaudí himself. Nowhere else in the world feels an architect’s presence as much as the city of Barcelona does Gaudí’s, and the city ripples with his innovative works.

La Segrada Familia Gaudi Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia and La Casa Míla are two of his most famous achievements, and at Hotel Omm you can beat the queue by just getting out of bed and looking out the window. No, really, both buildings are literally just down the street from this exclusively trendy hotel. Giving off a cool Soho House vibe and well loved by local Catalan creatives, the ambience of Hotel Omm is chilled and edgy, making it a fantastic viewing place for these two architectural wonders. Started in 1883 La Sagrada Familia is an incredible feat of the imagination; so far it has been 133 years in the making, and with its towering spires it famously still has another ten to go… 

Areal view of La Sagrada Familia Gaudi Barcelona

At a similar (read: very, very close) distance, La Casa Míla stands proudly as a uniquely fabulous building, a beacon of modernist architecture, and a part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. Imagine, all of this from your bedroom window, a UNESCO Heritage building and a world-famous structure over a century in the making – Viva la Hotel Omm

Casa Mila Gaudí Barcelona

Fluttering with seductive, urban chic Hotel Omm is a fitting place to stay in a city that birthed the creative genius of Gaudí. Much as he was inspired by nature, colour and light, so too is Hotel Omm, and the spa makes use of all of this in a fantastic array. Mood lighting highlights natural materials such as wood, stone, iron, coconut and silk, and engulfs you in a relaxing experience that soothes the soul with hints and glimpses at nature and light. 

Hotel Omm Spa pool Design facade of Hotel Omm Barcelona on Passeig de Gracia
Interior hotel design of Hotel Omm Barcelona, restaurant

After this head to the restaurant Roca Moo headed by the Michelin-starred Roca brothers and, satisfyingly full, climb to the roof to view a panorama of Barcelona in all its glory, with of course, Gaudí as its centrepiece.

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Images © Turisme Barcelona & Hotel Omm, Barcelona


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